Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Best Lash Enhancer and WOW! What a deal!

iQ Derma SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer for $29.95, that's 76% Off w/ Free Shipping, Free Magazine Sub, Free Mystery Gift, & Free Samples!

I love this stuff, it made a noticeable difference on my lashes and they also don't shed nearly as much as they used to. I've been using this nightly for a few years now! This is a blog I posted almost 2 years ago, but I just saw this amazing deal at a massive discount.

When lash enhancing products started to appear on the market a few years ago, all we heard were things like “can cause blindness,” “cause iris discoloration” and “bad for contact wearers.” Um, no thanks. While we love the idea of elongating our lashes —after all, eyelashes are the accessory of our eyes and we love to accessorize—we don’t love the idea of a vision-less future just for the sake of beauty. So when iQ Derma launched SmartLash earlier this year, we did our research and lo-and-behold, our prayers were answered. See why this serum makes the cut.

The nasty side effects like darkened eyelids, darkened irises and itchy eyes are usually caused by Prostaglandin, a lipid that comes from seminal fluid. (Gross, right? No one needs that near her eyes.) SmartLash does not contain this or any derivative of it, plus it’s paraben-free.

SmartLash is safe and effective on the eyebrows too! If you need to fill in sparse brows, there’s no need to buy a separate product for that—SmartLash is also SmartBrow!

We can’t be bothered to visit a doctor for a prescription to get our beauty products – too much work!
Plus, the reason other brands are prescription-only is because the Prostaglandins! We’ll skip that, the co-pay and the Rx, thanks! SmartLash=no prescription necessary. 

Most lash enhancing products are designed and recommended only for the top lashes; but our bottom lashes want some of the lengthening love too! SmartLash can be applied to the lower lashes as well as top.

Shake the container first, then brush it along the base of the lashes, like you would apply liquid eyeliner. Use it both day and night and allow it to dry completely before you apply eyeliner, mascara or brow products (if you apply it to the brows). Go easy – you just need to moisten the area, not have it dripping. It’s ok if a little tingling occurs. 

100% of participants involved saw an increase in the appearance
of lash length, fullness and thickness. 
They ALL said they felt like they needed less mascara. 
And participants experienced up to a 68% 
increase in the appearance of lash length! Call us SOLD.
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