Friday, October 26, 2012

You let me down.....

For me, one of the worst things in the world (relatively speaking of course, world hunger and unrest in the Middle East are technically much more awful...) is when a brand that you love and expect great things from lets ya down. There are certain companies that I have just come to assume can do no wrong, so it's a glass of ice water in the face when I am proven wrong.

My hall of shame sad face currently goes to:

(insert drumroll here)

In third place- Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Organic Sweet Chai Lip Scrub 

I think if I'd never used a lip scrub before I wouldn't have felt so let down but their 
"exclusive botanical lipid infusion"
left my lips coated in a thick waxy residue that I found myself actually rubbing off with a towel because it bugged me so much. After about a week it also developed this creepy milky looking liquid layer on top. I realize it's organic ingredients, but it shouldn't go south in a WEEK, right? If it requires refrigeration it should say so on the packaging. It's a shame, because I loved the unique chai scent and I'm a regular user of lip scrubs. 

What do I recommend instead? 
2 YEARS ago I wrote the following review:

The first thing before glopping some gloop on your kisser is to make sure your lips don't have scraggly flakes and peels to make you look like you have leprosy of the mouth. For that purpose, I love using Laura Geller Lip Strip Cooling Sugar Scrub, which is a sweet and cooling lip scrub that removes dead and chapped skin while also being soothing and hydrating. It tastes great, is quick and easy to use, and a little goes a long way. I have a this one jar that I've been using for months and I can tell I'll be able to get many many months more out of it. 
Two years later and I still use this stuff religiously.

Laura Geller Lip Strip Laura Geller Lip Strip
What is it: A cooling sugar lip scrub. Who is it for: Suitable for all skin tones and types. Why is it different: This delicious formula blends cosmetic quality Brazilian sugar, a natural and mild exfoliant that smoothes and soothes, with peppermint and spearmint oils, which provide an invigorating, cooling sensation without irritation, in a creamy base. Loaded with lubricating butters, this soothing and effective treatment will help to smooth away dry, flaky skin on lips. Plus, it's so natural, you can actually lick it off! How do I use it: Apply to dry lips, rubbing gently with fingertips to loosen the dry skin, then rinse off with a splash of water or a washcloth. From Laura Geller.

In second place :
Ginger People Energizing Face Cleanser
  I love the other products in the GO Ginger Energizing line, and I'm boffo for ginger products in general. Revitalizing and helps to perk up sluggish cell turnover, plus the smell drives me wild. The problem?
"Ginger People GO Ginger Face Cleanser is a non-drying formula"
I say bull hockey. I DO have somewhat sensitive skin, but this dried my skin out so badly that I wanted to actually claw at my face. I have never ran so fast to put on moisturizer in my life. I actually had to use a soothing balm on my skin because this actually made it ITCHY. Total fail. 

Instead I recommend:
Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion 
STEP 1 - Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion
Yes, I know, another Weleda product. What can I say? Creamy, hypoallergenic, organic and deeply hydrating. It gets your skin incredibly clean without making it feel like the surface of your face has been strip mined. If you go to Vitacost THROUGH THIS LINK you'll get a $10 credit, which would let you get the full sized cleanser for about $3.00. (regular price on this is about $19, but Vitacost sells at deep discounts.) 

And the dubious first place goes to 
Korres Body Butter in Fig

It smells like grave dirt. Seriously. The first time I used this before relaxing for the night, my husband thought that our dog Duke had been rolling in something foul and kicked him outside until he realized it was ME. No bueno.

Too bad, because I have a giant tube of it. Definitely a case of blindly trusting a brand I adore! Instead I recommend the exact same product but in guava. The body butter itself is so rich and luxurious that it's downright decadent. Thick with shea butter and with an almond/avocado/sunflower oil blend, it hydrates even the driest skin but isn't at all greasy. You've got to really rub it in but it absorbs into the skin leaving it feeling plump and sated. The guava isn't a super sweet fake fragrance smell, it's an earthy fruity smell that's light and a little sexy. If you want a layered scent, they have matching shower gels that are excellent for sensitive skin. This stuff is ideal for winter use and will even hydrate knees and elbows!
Korres Body Butters Guava Mini 1.69 oz


The Crafty Angel (aka Manicured/Headacheslayer) said...

I would strongly encourage you to contact Korres and here's why...

Even though I have not tried either of the Korres you mentioned, I once tried a popular brand's natural product....and could NOT use enough soap to wash it off of me, same deal, it smelled like dog poop. When I contacted the company, they immediately apologized and sent me another product.

Things can and do "go bad" esp with more natural products. I don't use a lot of fig scented products but I doubt they want their clients smelling like rotten zomibes. Even before Halloween ;)

Good luck!

Lauren said...
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