Monday, October 15, 2012

Foodzie (now on Joyus) Backyard Barbecue ($10 off 1st purchase)

Backyard BBQ Cooking Box
Well I'm thrilled to report that Foodzie is still going strong on Joyus, you just can't get a subscription anymore. My one complaint is that before, each month you had 3 boxes to choose from, and now they just do one a month. On the plus side, they stay on the site until they're sold out so you can try more than one! I like how Joyus ties items together, for instance they also had a great shop full of cool barbecue tools (I posted the video for those below my You Tube video). After checking out those tools, I now know what I'm getting my hubby for Christmas! They also now give you points when you make a purchase, and the points translate into cash off of future purchases! If you join through this link you'll get $10 off your first purchase!

This box contained:

KANSAS CITY-STYLE  BBQ SAUCE - from Grillside Barbeque, Kansas City, KS - all natural ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup
I was surprised to see how inexpensive this fabulous barbecue sauce is! Only $5.85 for a big bottle of all natural, award winning sauce! UH-mazing on grilled shrimp. 
WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE - from Bourbon Barrel Foods, Louisville, KY - sweetened with locally grown sorghum and aged in barrels that were used to make bourbon. 
Now your vegetarian friends can enjoy this wonderful, all purpose sauce! Slightly sweeter than the worcestershires that I've used before, it brings out some really interesting flavors in meat, and when you mix it in with burgers before grilling, the heat reacts with the sugars to do something superbly flavorful. 
SALTED POTATO CHIPS - from Billy Goat, St. Louis, MS - just like the hand-selected ones, sliced and made in their restaurant
There's a small chance that I might actually sell my body for these. Hands down the best potato chips I've eaten in my life. 
ANCHO CHICKEN RUB - from Just Cook, San Francisco, CA - bold blend can be used on chicken and corn on the cob
After trying this once, my husband wound up putting it on EVERYTHING. Not only is it faboo on chicken, but it also lends a zesty yumminess to corn on the cob and potatoes too. 
YELLOW EYE HEIRLOOM BEANS - from Rancho Gordo, Napa, CA - dense, creamy and can hold up to sauces.
YAY! A bean that doesn't turn into a mushy glob! Usually beans with a creamy flavor and texture turn into mush, but these guys hold their own. 

The Fall Tasting Box is on my radar- come payday it's mine!

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