Friday, May 1, 2015

Holistic Solutions - Norwegian Fish Oil For Whatever Ails Ya

Why Are Some Omega 3 Supplements Better than Others?
Are you looking for a Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement that has a maximum amount of Essential Fatty Acids? Where all of the Essential Fatty Acids will actually be absorbed by your body and none of it going to waste?
There's nothing worse than trying to improve your health and well being by taking an Omega-3 product, only to find out later you should have gotten a different one. Fortunately, Holistic Solutions only uses the purest, highest-quality, most potent ingredients available for its Omega 3 Fish Oil, manufactured in the USA in compliance with the latest GMP guidelines.
Superior Absorption for Maximum Health Benefits
Holistic Solutions Omega-3 uses Proprietary Antioxidants that include rosemary extract and natural tocopherols (vitamin E) to keep the Fish Oil fresh BUT many other Omega 3 supplements use MAGNESIUM STERATE or Magnesium silicate. Magnesium sterate is a potentially harmful additive found in many Omega-3 supplements. Holistic Solutions avoids this substance because of its potential to cause harm to your intestines and potentially even preventing the proper absorption of nutrients.* Holistic Solutions not only provides higher concentrations of EPA & DHA but also delivers them in a pill that allows for higher absorption as well.*
Benefits of NordicSeaTM Omega-3 - Supports cardiovascular health & normal blood pressure* - Improves circulation and brain function* - Reduces Inflammation* - Bolsters the Immune system*

They have a fantastic line of other supplements as well! 

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