Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saving My Lacies :-) Thanks Fuse Essentials Lingerie Bags!

Lingerie Bags - Set of 4 Delicates Laundry Bags - 1 Small, 1 Medium, 2 Large - Premium Quality Mesh Wash Bag - Perfect for Protecting Lingerie, Underwear, Scarves, Bras, Hosiery, Expensive Blouses, Baby Clothing, and Sweaters!

 I am so grateful for these! You get 4 bags of different sizes so you can wash teeny bikinis to lingerie with ease. My hubband particularly likes that he doesn't have to dig through the wet laundry to pull out my delicates before putting laundry in the dryer- these make it easy to separate them. My bra underwires don't get twisted and it keeps the hooks from catching on other items in the wash. The bags are soft and don't snag. The big one is roomy enough to keep your socks together and keeps you from suffering lost sock syndrome as well :-)

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