Friday, May 1, 2015

FIFTY PERCENT OFF sale on Whiskey Stone gift set - aluminum AND soapstone cubes!

I paid more than that for just a set of of soapstone cubes!

  • ALL INCLUSIVE, JUST ADD YOUR FAVORITE WHISKEY: Set Includes 4 Stainless Steel cubes, 4 Soapstone cubes, an Ice Cube Tray, and a Set of Tongs. The sky is the limit on which of your Favorite Whiskey or Wines to pour these over cubes. Have fun; you deserve the Best! Works well with: Jana Kramer, Jameson, Two Gingers, Wyoming, Irish, Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, Rye, Bourbon, Jim Beam, Rolling Stones, and many more.
  • THE REAL DEAL...NO MORE MELTED ICE CUBES: When using Dry-Ice you never have to worry about watering down your favorite drink. Dry-Ice Cubes do not melt or impart any flavors to your drink. Just Enjoy the Taste of your Favorite Whiskey or Wine.
  • STORES EASILY IN COVERED TRAY: With Dry-Ice you will have all your cubes in one ice cube storage tray.
  • READY-SET-PARTY: Store in the freezer and they are always ready to be the talk of the Party. Our cubes always make the Perfect Gift when attending a Party for that person who has everything but DRY-ICE WHISKEY CUBES!
  • PERFECT COMBO GIFT FOR THE MONEY: With this set you get it all, stainless and soap stone cubes. No more ordering from multiple sources. Share your amazing find with your Friends or Family. Save Money by ordering two or more today - you will get Free Shipping on orders over $35. And you don't have anything to lose; Orders are Protected by Amazon's 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Instead of a return, you will be ordering more to share with everyone! Great gift for: Boss, Father's Day, Birthday, Groomsmen, or just because, for any whiskey connoisseur.

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