Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Swim On Swim Cap For Long, Thick Or Curly Hair with Discount Code

20% off coupon code SWIM2015

Swim Cap: for long, thick or curly hair & High-Volume hair styles. 
The "Swim On" Comfort-Fit  Swim Cap is designed to fit all hair styles and textures. Most people with long or thick hair struggle with standard size swim caps. They get frustrated because their swim caps are too small, and leave some of their hair exposed and wet when they go swimming. Thousands of women with naturally thick or long hair wish there was a swim cap large enough to fit their luscious tresses (especialy women with weaves, extensions, or dreadlocks). 

This "Swin On" cap fits over virtually every hair style and prevents people from having to waste time or money in drying & re-syling their hair when they want to enjoy the beach, pool, or even go on vacation. This large swim cap is critically valuable for the diversity of women cross all hair textures. Women of color with diverse ethnic backgrounds are expecially sensitive to getting their hair wet and often avoid going swimming all-together because they do not want to struggle with their hair.  

Also a bonus tip... the "Swim On" cap is perfect for everyday use as a shower cap. Women can get rid of their old plastic bonnett shower caps and truly protect their hair from getting wet with the "Swim On" cap.

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