Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fractionated Coconut Oil - Best Carrier Oil for Essential Oils, Base for Aromatherapy and Soothing Massage Oil

It's another one of those multipurpose products that is a constant in my house. We use it for everything from softening rough skin, making hair soft and silky and my current favorite aka; "honey! please rub my back!" This is a great carrier oil too, so you can add your own essential oils or blend with other oils to make custom blends. It's scentless, so it doesn't interfere with the aromatherapeutic properties of essential oils. I like the smaller 4oz bottle for keeping in my purse so I always have some with me (you just never know!) I'm a klutz so I like having some with me at all times for any cuts or scrapes- it's also amazing for keeping your hands from drying out from constant washing and for chapped lips. I use it for everything!

Bonus- I ADORE the hip label!

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