Sunday, May 3, 2015

I have decided to get my exercise in a fun way (and force The Mister to join in!) SALSA!!!!


I love to dance, but unfortunately I always danced with my girlfriend Clara and got to where I can only lead. Seriously, we'd all go out swing dancing and I'd dip her and everything. My friend Stacy is the same way (we're both pretty bossy!) and the 2 of us trying to dance together was HI-larious. I dreaded when men would ask me to dance because I don't know how to dance like a lady. in Texas that happens a lot more than you'd think, people still like to trip the lights fantastic, though for me trip seems to be the operative word.


As I stated in a previous entry, I'm really trying to improve both my overall health and my appearance this year. Last year saw a number of personal and health related catastrophes in my life that led to me neglecting my well being and it's time for The Beauty Pirate to rise like a phoenix from the flames! Luckily for me, I was sent some amazingballs dance instruction DVDs to #review from #SalsaCrazy and these are a FANTABULOUS way to kickstart your physical goals.
 And now anyone can learn to dance!
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The first DVD is Vol.1 of Learn To Dance Salsa For Beginners. I've tried to learn steps and technique from so called "beginner" videos before only to get frustrated and confused (I'm looking at YOU, you dang waltz disc- and waltzing isn't even that HARD!) This is so easy and clear! The instructions make complete sense and I love the close up angles. For once I actually feel like I'm being taught with some understanding and patience. One shouldn't feel intimidated and berated by a DVD, for Pete's sake.

And then I got the 4 disc social dancing set!

 This is a fantastic price right now, not sure when it's going up- but normally this set sells for $69.95!

All I can say is WOW! This is seriously an amazing set and a fantastic value to boot. You learn Salsa, Swing, Merengue and my new love, Bachata! Over 8 hours of instruction! I started out watching and following steps by myself, but I've somehow managed to convince The Sasquatch that it would be fun to do together. Talk about a hoot! I think it would be awesome to pull these out with people over and watch a bunch of drunk people trying to merengue..... Hmmmm. Perhaps a party is in the works?

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So when I do have that party, I also have the perfect hotchacha drink to serve, since they also make a HABANERO bloody mary mix! This stuff is seriously spicy- wimps need not apply. Seriously good with pickled asparagus spears. All natural ingredients- no chemicals, no fillers- a fresh, small batch flavor and a big bottle- enough to fuel quite the party. 

Hot without sacrificing flavor
is their fantastic habanero salsa! 
Yes, it is spicy, but it's not hot just for hot's sake. There's a real veggie flavor with nice whole pieces of corn (my favorite part! They burst in your mouth with flavor!) and you aren't beaten over the head with just plain hot. You taste the tomatoes, the herbs. It tastes like real handmade salsa. It's definitely hot though! My man loves spicy and he though this was perfect. If you want milder, try their fantastic serrano salsa. The same fantastic freshness with a slightly sweeter, milder flavor. Some milder salsas err on the far too timid side of caution, but this one still has a ton of spicy favor. Maybe my new favorite salsa! Mixed into macaroni and cheese? WOWZERS!


Marguerite Hummel said...

OMG!!! I love Bachata!!! I wanna come to the party!!!

Julie Ann Keene-Roppolo said...

If you lived in Texas, you'd be first on my invite list, darlin!