Sunday, May 31, 2015

Keeping your closet organized and your clothes off the closet floor....

I love that the velvet coating keeps my clothes from slipping to the floor, they really grab onto the silkiest of materials and even wide boat necks. With the addition of the extra little hanger area you can put together a whole outfit with the ability to put any jewelry or scarves etc on it making it awesome for putting together a work weeks worth of outfits ready to go. My mister has commandeered some for himself because they're perfect for suits. I have hangers that are supposed to be to prevent slippage, but they're padded and HUGE and take up way too much space. These are nice and slim.

Product Description

Multi-Purpose Velvet Hanger Set: Super Slim, Built to Last! Don't you just hate it when your jackets always slip off plastic hangers? Would you like a slim, strong hanger that protects your clothes and brings order to your closet with a nice touch of style? You've probably tried every fancy hanger out there but they're simply too weak to hold clothing. If so, discover the all new Slim and Sturdy Black Multi-Purpose Velvet Hanger Set, the perfect solution for any closet! These hangers are uniformly built to last. A strong steel, swiveling hook attaches to slim shoulders with a contoured design that includes a well placed notch on each shoulder to prevent slipping & tie rack for accessories. The bottom bar and the shoulders are all finished in high quality velvet that doesn't stain or leave dust behind. The Multi-Purpose Velvet Hangers set has 10 pieces of slim, tough and durable hangers that offer you more room for clothes. They can withstand and hold garments up to 10 pounds for a long time. They also introduce neatness to your closet with their uniform construction. The Velvet Hanger Set has a number of market leading benefits, including; 10 PCS PREMIUM QUALITY; slim construction saves space; your closet accommodates more clothes. NOTCHED SHOULDERS; prevents cloths from slipping, provide extra support for garments. SWIVEL HOOKS; sturdy steel swiveling design attaches to the shoulders for easy maneuvering. STURDY CONSTRUCTION; can hold and support up to most garments. MULTI-PURPOSE; great for hanging Suits, Jackets, Pants, Shirts, Dresses, Blouses Tie & Accessories. Backed by full money back guarantee The Slim and Sturdy Black Multi-Purpose Velvet Hanger Set certainly kicks the mess out of your closet and complements the new tidy look with it's sleek fashionable design.

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