Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Silymarin Milk Thistle Extract - System Detox

Most people don't realize what a beating their livers take. I was forced to realize that when I was diagnosed with lupus and began taking insane amounts of medications. I actually switch meds often because some trash your kidneys, some trash your liver- so it's like, "what am I gonna screw up today?" My doctor recommended I start taking milk thistle to counterbalance that and I've been taking it regularly ever since. Not only does it reverse liver damage and detoxify the system, but it also is an antioxidant and an anti inflammatory. When i began taking milk thistle, I noticed I was able to cut back on my prescription anti- inflammatories which were some of the meds causing me to need liver support in the first place!

Bonus tip: Even if you don't feel like taking them regularly- if you take them after a night of drinking, you'll feel better in the morning, milk thistle is an active ingredient in many overpriced, over the counter hangover cures.

I like that these are so much more reasonably priced without sacrificing quality. The capsules are easy to take and don't get stuck in your throat, just don't leave the bottle someplace warm or they'll get stuck together :-)

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