Friday, August 31, 2012

Makeup Bags Don't Have To Be Grody!

I am trying to step up my makeup bags, it's pretty gross that next to my bedside is a 3 year old cardboard box that I got a Korres gift set in. It serves it's purpose, but pretty it aint. For the longest time, when I'd go out of town I'd wrap a big ass rubber band around it and go. Not only is it now the most hideous thing on the planet, but stuff is always falling out if it and it's clunky and a pain to carry besides. Well now I have a train case for trips, so that problem is solved, but it's definitely time to replace the bedside box. I can recycle it with  good conscience knowing that I gave it a good, long (filthy) life.
(I wrote about it previously in a blog titled My Ugly Brown Box)

DermStore Free Samples

Dermstore has some GORGEOUS bags, like these two to DIE FOR beauties
 The Jane Iredale Bridal Bag, which would be a perfect wedding shower gift, since it would also be something new!
Global Goddess Beauty 's sari cloth makeup bag is almost too pretty for something as mundane as makeup!, Inc.
Sephora has a ton of great cosmetics bags as well, and right now they're having a freaky huge sale, too!

Tarte's Glam Bag is not only a super cute bag all on it's own, but it also comes with 6 products included for only $35!!!
 And the raccoon in me who likes sparkly things LOVES this one.....

And then there's the one that appeals to my inner 5 year old....

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