Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kellett Skincare Clarifying Acne Treatment

Clarifying Acne TreatmentI received some of this from Beauty Army and knew I only had to wait a few weeks to try it out. As a teenager, it was a freak of nature if I ever had more than one or two zits at a time, so it's never been a big problem for me luckily. Now at the age of 40, like clockwork, I get a few every month around my "lady days". I bought some regular old Clearasil and I might as well have poured acid on my sensitive, rosacea prone skin. Taking fish oil capsules has minimized it quite a bit, but I still will get one here or there and they make me VERY UNHAPPY! Well, yay for Kellett! I had never heard of them before and couldn't find them on Sephora or Ulta or even the skincare specific sites. Turns out they're a Canadian company (you can buy directly from their website) and are really popular there. Well, I can see why- this stuff is da bomb for adult acne! I've been using it every month now and it has drastically reduced my breakouts and recovery time. If I wake up with a zit, I start putting this on there and it makes it go away without being drying or harsh. If I can tell one is about to happen (redness, tenderness, swelling) I can put this on there and the zit never appears at all! Awesome! I'm happy to see the needs of adults with sensitive skin being addressed with an issue that's often put aside as a kid's problem. Adults have different skin needs and conditions, and this fits the bill to a tee. Thanks, Beauty Army!

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