Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Right now if you join Beauty Box 5 HERE, you get an extra 25 entries in the giveaway for the past month's box!

Update- I got my August box yesterday, and it had a full sized THIRTY FIVE DOLLAR lipstick in it! 

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I have written about Beauty Box 5 before, so I'm really happy to be able to present you with a giveaway!
Every month I've been introduced to at least one product that's new to me that I love, like in this month's box, the Spongeables foot scrubber (which the winner will receive in their box).  For such a new new company, they've gotten some really great box sponsors- who can complain about getting some Blinc mascara? I'm really excited to see that the August box will have Ferro Cosmetics in it. I have been raving about Ferro since I started this blog some three-odd years ago and I'm thrilled that they're going to get some much deserved exposure! This is what I love about BB5, they include excellent brands that some may not have heard of before but will fall in love with- to me, that's the whole point of a sampler, not just how much cash value am I getting.


Christa said...

Thanks for the contest :)
I also commented on your video (youtube)
Christa aka "CuckingFracked" lol

The Beauty Pirate said...

Awesome! Good luck!

Courtney Tucker said...

I want one, thank you! : )

Lotus456 said...

i want one...<3 thanks for the giveaway...:)
i'v also commented on your youtube video
youtube name: Amina Liaqat