Monday, August 13, 2012

Julep Mystery Boxes (My Cinco De Mayo Box)

First Julep box for a penny
with the code PENNY

I have been a Julep Maven pretty much from the get go, and they just celebrated their one year anniversary. I have Julep to thank for getting me EXCITED about my nails again. Their polishes are so rich and creamy and lovely that doing my nails is no longer the eye rolling chore that it once was. I actually get EXCITED to change out my colors and play! Sadly, I missed out on the mystery box this month, they sold out in the blink of an eye. The Mystery Box is a sampling of $60-$200 worth of products guaranteed. You can buy a one off box for $60, but the Maven price is $19.95. I have yet to be one of those lucky bastards who gets a GEEnormous box, but I've consistently gotten WAAAAAy more than my money's worth, at least triple. Something that I find interesting is apparently now instead of just a random assortment, you pick your mystery box based on "Boho Glam" or "Classic With A Twist" or one of the other Maven profile categories. Not sure how I feel about that, I tend to be pretty adventurous and always liked having absolutely no CLUE what I'd be getting. I wish they'd give a "Just Surprise ME!" option! Some days I'm a green metallic girl and sometimes I'm taupe. Either way though, I love their natural formulas that are free of all the nasties that so many polishes contain, I can feel better about myself and the environment, and unlike so many other natural formulas, these have some staying power. Every month I get so excited to see that black box in the mail......

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