Friday, August 17, 2012

Birchbox Spring Training and then a separate pissy Birchbox rant :-)

Okay, so I LOVE Birchbox and have been a member for about 2 years now. For ten bucks a month, they CONSISTENTLY deliver the goods and I'm often flabbergasted at the value of what I receive. This box was worth waaaaaaay more than ten dollars! 


Then I got my August box and was deeply saddened that the majority of the items were self tanners. In retrospect, I think I was overreacting in my disappointment, it IS still worth ten bucks, just not to me. The idea of me with a tan is just FUNNY. I almost wanna try one just out of curiosity, but The Husband has threatened to kill me and bury me under the house if I do ;-)  I dunno, I have so many of these damn things now, it might just be worth a giggle. Heck, it only lasts a week or so.....Hmmmm. Now I'm thinking.....
This Month's BoxIt WAS still a pretty skeebly box though, especially compared to what other people got.

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Semi-Wicked said...

I have what I call a Hate/Hate relationship with Birchbox. I've unsubbed at least once, maybe twice if memory serves.

Thing is, I know people get fabulous boxes from Birchbox. I've seen them on YouTube and various blog reviews. Yet, I always seem to end up with the crappy box. You know, the one with a bunch of tear-aways in it, or a buttload of Ahava products (seriously, how many of those can a girl get?).

I recently subbed again to replace the loss of Kara's Way - and I was disappointed with my August box - although I gotta say, at least I didn't get a buttload of self-tanners! :)