Monday, August 6, 2012

Bad, Good, Better, Best- facewipes edition

I have become totally crazy about pre-moistened face wipes over the years. It started with buying some generic ones to take camping with me and as the wipes available got better and better they became a staple of my routine. Exhausted, about to crash? Especially if you're sick or tired or just plain lazy these things keep you from being totally gross. I don't use them as a daily substitution for regular cleansing, but I do always keep them on hand. Most wipes are large enough that after cleansing your face you can give yourself a little whore bath with the wipe just to make you feel a little extra refreshed before turning in. My husband particularly likes when I use these, because he'll give himself a little wipe down after I do my face (getting him to actually use a real facial cleanser is like trying to walk a kitten with a leash.) So in order of pure on sexiness, here's my 2 cents on the face wipes I've gone through most recently.

WORST: Equate 3-1 Facial Cleansing Towelettes

For the life of me, I can't figure out where the good reviews are coming from, my only guess is that it's people who've never used the good stuff. There's a time and a place to be cheap, and in this case I don't think this is a good one. I bought these as an emergency option because we were on our way to a camping trip and I'd forgotten the wipes I already had. In small town Texas, it's Wal Mart or nuthin, so I went ahead and picked up their store brand. I didn't want to spend too much $$ since I already had some open at home and things tend to get lost or ruined when spending a week in the middle of nowhere anyway. Well geez louise, lemme tell you! First and foremost, they burned my eyes like crazy-  I had to flush them with water and use Visine. Needless to say, the claim that they remove even eye makeup is worthless if I'm blinded in the process. Not only that, but it did a CRAP job removing makeup, my skin felt congested and still chocka block dirty after using. Once home, I used the rest of these up, and after using one TWO of these and then doing the toner test, I still had makeup on my face. Oh, and they made my skin burn. BOOOOOOO!!!!! I gave up and used the rest as plain old handiwipes- my face is too precious for me to trash my skin to save a few bucks.

Bad: Boots 7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1
Boots No7 Quick-Thinking 4-in-1 Wipes 30 pk..Opens in a new window I've quite liked previous Boots purchases, but these feel kinda rough on my skin, after using them my husband always comments on how red my skin looks. I do love the snap close lid to keep them from drying out, for whatever that's worth. They claim to be moisturizing, but I still have to put on at least a serum afterwards or my skin feels tight. They'll work in a pinch if I don't have anything else, but after using my last one last night, I can tell you I won't be purchasing these again.


Koh Gen Do Cleansing Water Clothes are surprisingly a disappointment for me. I guess I had just built them up so much in my head before using them that nothing could live up to the hype. They do work fairly well and the wipes are HUGE, you can really get a full pass and get all of the gunk off. The organic cotton cloths are soft and sturdy and really do get everything. They have almost no scent and don't leave your skin feeling tight or leave behind a residue. Instead of coming in one big pack that can dry out, it comes in three smaller packs of 10 each. So what am I complaining about then? Missy Whiny Pants here expected some sort of miraculous, sun shining out of my butt holy miracle for wipes that cost over a dollar a piece. 30 wipes are $39.00. Yeah, you read that right. For that price I want a foot rub and a croissant included. I don't mind paying for pricey products that really hit it out of the park, but I've used wipes that are effective and don't cost a fortune.

Really Good: Yes To Cucumbers and Yes To Blueberries cleansing wipes.

Named an Allure Magazine Best Of Beauty product, these are not only effective but shockingly cheap. The cucumber ones run about $5.99 and the blueberry ones are $7.99. They have that snap shut plastic tab that I love to prevent drying out. They are thorough and effective. They are gentle on my sensitive skin. They don't leave residue. All in all, everything you want in a wipe. The blueberry ones are my favorite, because they have an absolutely delightful fresh and fruity scent and leave my skin super duper soft. I can forgo moisturizer with this one if I'm being the laziest creature alive or at least just dab on a serum afterwards. If you're lucky you can pick these up at your local drugstore, though I tend to throw these in my online shopping carts when I need to spend a few extra bucks to qualify for free shipping or what have you.

GREAT!: Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes
These are incredibly soft and soothing and do an excellent job of removing even eye makeup without irritation. They leave the skin feeling soft and gently plumped and in a pinch, you can forgo the moisturizer with these. I am totally enamored of their signature citrus vanilla scent as well. And they have my favorite little anti drying flap. Weird how the more I like something the less I have to say about it......

My Holy Grail: Korres Pomegranate Cleansing & Makeup Removing Wipes.

 These are for oily or combo skin, please note, if you have dry skin, these aren't for you. These were the first wipes that actually made me say WOW! Some people find the scent too strong, but I LOVE IT. I find them to be really soft and soothing and after using them, my pores are visibly tighter and almost nonexistent. I also don't need a moisturizer afterwards, though I will still sometimes put on a serum if it's handy. Again, here we have some  really large wipes, I've been known to tear them in half and save the other half for next time- they're good enough that if I'm only cleansing and not removing makeup, a half is more than sufficient. Best part, they're only $12 for 25 wipes, so half the cost of the Koh Gen Do. Downside, they don't have snap shut packaging. I save one of my baby wipes containers and keep them in there. Oh! And in the summer, if you keep them in your fridge they are so refreshing it'll make you wanna slap yo mama. 

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