Monday, February 27, 2012

My Picks Of The Week

Off topic, but it's my blog! I can write whatever I want :-)

My movie of the week?

Spork blew my mind. Me and The Husband watched this yesterday, and we had to stop it and replay scene after scene. It's not only funny and freakishly odd, but at the end it made me cry. Matt turned around and looked at me and said "Oh! My Baby's crying! You got lil' tears rolling down your face!" Yes I did.

Album of the week?
CHET ATKINS. Click the link for an amazing video. It's just FREAKY that someone can make it sound like more than one person playing and it's just him and his geetar.

Book of the week? At Home by Bill Bryson. Literally every paragraph has me saying "wow! I didn't know that!" I have been making The Hubband insane, following him around the house saying "did you know...." This one's a keeper.

Meal of the week? Grilled cheese sammiches made with caramelized onions, wilted baby spinach, GOBS of manchego cheese, and bird in the next eggs embedded in the handmade sourdough bread.

Life is good.

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