Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sample Z Box Giving Me Valentine's ZLove

Ah, you know the drill by now! I get a sampler box, give you links and post a video of me being a doofus. Believe it or not, I attempt to be restrained in my reviews, I tend to be much bouncier and enthusiastic in real life.
So without further ado, what the heckadoodle was in my newest Z Box?
Texas Eagle Gallery  Hickory Nut Valentine card

Marie Dean  Illipe Body Butter in White Tea And Ginger

Living At Night earrings

Enchanted Craft crocheted bracelet

It's My Thing! Silver Plated heart earrings

ABC Birdhouses plant stake

Spanky Luvs Vintage heart ring (I took it off at some undisclosed location in my house, so the photo I took is of another one of her rings....)

Clay Art By Daresa clay heart charm

Nilz Studio $10 gift certificate

Xquisitely Lady M earrings

Jewelry By Vee spoon charm

Handpainted By Nancy gift tags

Izzy's Place tile pendant
Custom Candy Creations raspberry lolly
Body & Soul Productions Calming Spirit Tea
LOC Design Studio heart earrings I'm wearing these today for Valentines Day!
All About The Buttons button earrings

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