Wednesday, February 22, 2012

January Eco-Emi package

Eco Emi is truly unique in the sampler biz by providing natural, organic and vegan choices in the bath/body/beauty market. Their website also provides interesting links, recipes and more. They give you tons of ideas on going green and introduce you to great vendors you may never have heard of before. For $15 a month (including shipping) you get a beautiful package full of goodies with a value generally far surpassing the price of the box. It's an especially great deal for those who don't have a Wild Oats or Whole Foods around and have to get green items over the internet, by giving you a good jumping off place and letting you try out products so you know what you're getting. I'll update this with product reviews of the items in this sampler asap, but in the meantime, here's a video to give you an idea of the quality you can expect from Eco Emi.

Merry Hempsters Endangered Wildlife Balm is USDA certified organic and they donate 25% of all profits to a group that protects endangered wildlife! How cool is that? I got the lavender orange and I'm becoming ridiculously addicted to it. It tastes AMAZING, and I'm po'd that I left my tube at home because I want to put more on. My lips are still soft from putting it on before I left the house, but like I said, I've become addicted. It's the flavor, this is a combo I would have never dreamed of and yet it's perfect. And besides, Endangered Wildlife Organic Lip Balm Lavender-Orange (Monk Seal) just look at that face.....

JR Watkins lip tint was a huge surprise. I got it in Berry Charming, and it's a GORGEOUS shimmery color! It goes on and feels like a balm, but you have the color of a light lipstick plus it has the added bonus of peppermint oil giving it a wonderful tingling feeling and a yummo flavor. I can't believe this company has been around since 1868! This is the color I'm wearing in the video review.
Tru Roots sprouted quinoa was a revelation! I am SO grateful to Eco Emi for including this! I really like the nutty sweet flavor and versatility of quinoa, but the normal process of having to wash it over and over is a giant pain. Well this one you just pop it right in the pot, saving a good 15 minutes off your prep time. "TruRoots produces the finest quality quinoa in partnership with organic family farmers on the high plains of the Andes in Bolivia."  I cooked this and added lemon juice and peel, then put sauted scallops on top. I then drizzled a wasabi lemon sauce over all. The whole meal took mere minutes but it tasted like something from a schmancy eatery. 

Dr Cleangreen's Organic Hand Purifier  is truly amazing, easily my favorite thing in this month's sampler. I know a lot of people are sceptical about the efficacy of natural hand sanitizers as compared to the kind full of alcohol and triclosan. Well, feast your eyes on this! Microbial Lab Test Results.  WOW. And what's so great about this stuff is that it doesn't dry out your hands, in fact the opposite- it leaves them silky soft! it also smells wonderful, a clean clove and citrus smell. After using this yesterday, a co-worker asked what I was wearing that smelled so good!     Not every hand purifier doubles as an aromatherapeutic boost as well!

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