Thursday, February 2, 2012

Z Box Christmas Fantabular!!!!

Purchase Z Box and get blown away by all the awesome handcrafted items out there! Right now the ZLOVE box is available for only TWENTY BUCKS INCLUDING SHIPPING!
One of the most awesome samplers on the market, this sampler focuses on sellers in the fairly new Zibbet community. What's great about Zibbet is that they seem to actively promote their stores and there's a big sense of community amongst the sellers.

I certainly got my share of Christmas Cheer with the December box!

Izzy's Place glass tile pendant

JujuBee Jewelry Designs earrings, stitch markers

Enchanted Craft Santa magnet

Xquisitely Lady M chainmaille pendant

Monk Mama54 handpainted prim gift tags

Handmade Fuzzy crocheted bracelet

Texas Eagle Gallery Magic Reindeer Food

Raige Creations Toekinis

Red Rose Cakes snowman Oreo

Mostly Maille maille flower necklace

Kikay Korner Beads handmade beads

Portable Graffiti Graphics 2 pinback buttons

Zoes Zen Garden precious stone wine charms

Body And Soul Products Red Licorice Lip Candy

Nicole's Visions photo bookmark

It's My Thing crystal ornament

Gypsy Goods Soap Saver


Rebecca said...

Thank you ! We so enjoy your videos and blog posts about us!!

Portable Graffiti said...

Great video!!! Lots of fun! Thanks so much for doing this for Zibbet and Becky and the Sample Z Box on Zibbet.

Unknown said...

I got one! Woo hoo! Thanks for turning me on to them! You are the bombdiggety!!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see all the pieces like this! Cant wait to see the Valentine issue. Sign me up for this blog! :) [I just did].


Dancing Rainbows said...

I love the video!! Thank you so much for reviewing our ZBoxes. Can't wait to see the Valentine video... : ))

Enchanted Craft said...

You made a great video! I really enjoyed seeing all the great things and your cat too!