Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Love at Kokokahn Update with review

Puuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr. Oh. Wait. Does that count as a review? A TOTAL bargain at $14.95. The moisture bar is smooth and creamy and melts like a dream. It's infused with the Love Potion 9 scented oils and it's such a relaxing, sensual scent. The roll on oil is an ingenious way to package it- you can target your pulse points easily and no spillage worries. A little dab above the upper lip is an excellent way to utilize the aromatherapeutic and aphrodisiac properties. It manages to be enervating and relaxing at the same time. "Dun dun duh! Dun dun duh! Feel like making love!" (You know, The Bad Company song?) 

Valentine Hearts Moisture Bars

Love Potion No. 9 blended in mango butter and jojoba oil.
This little heart is so much fun!

Suggested Uses:
~ Massage your partner with it
~ Use as a lotion for yourself
~ Pop into a romantic bath with your Loved one.

Wrapped and ready to give in a mini heart shaped box.

Love Potion No. 9
I'm so excited about this blend! Aphrodisiac ylang ylang essential oil blended with peppermint and lavender in a Roll On and Heart shaped Moisture Bar.

Available as a Gift Set packaged in a heart shaped box or individually.

I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE them! Kokokahn is one of the finest aromatherapy companies out there. (See previous product reviews) What a wonderful Valentines gift- a massage is always popular :-) The gift set is also really cheap, only $14.95! I know what I'm getting for my punkin! Hey baby, get your motor runnin! Grrrrrrr.......

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The Beauty Pirate said...

I just ordered mine- I'll let you guys know what I think- but based on all of the other Kokokahn products I've tried, I'm not worried that'll it be anything other than awesome!