Monday, March 5, 2012

Body & Soul Products and GIVEAWAY!!!!!

And we have a winner!

Some of you may already be familiar with Rebecca as the brains behind the Z Box Sampler, but she also makes TO DIE FOR bath and body products! I have been lucky enough to try a number of her products, and across the board they're impressive. Anybody familiar with my blog knows that I am a beauty junkie, but I also love using products that are handmade (though that doesn't stop me from applying toxic waste to my skin every now and then!). Body & Soul Products is one stop shopping for just about every beauty need under the sun- from soaps and lotions to toners and masks. Seems like every time I turn around, she's come up with something new so there's always fun stuff to explore.

Like I said, I have gotten to try a number of her products, many of them inclusions in various samplers out there:

Strawberries & Cream Mask ~ 
Made of strawberry extract, honey, clay, & milk, this facial mask will protect & nourish your skin with vit c & polyphenols, helping to reduce pores, and ridding skin of dead cells to allow for more efficient moisture absorption, also helping to heal blemishes. Honey lends antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-aging properties to this mask. It also has the ability to attract, retain, and rebuild the moisture level in your skin without making it oily. Milk also plays a part is softening, nourishing, and hydrating your skin.Strawberries & Cream Facial Mask    After using this, my pores were nonexistent and my skin was soothed with my normal reactive redness calmed dramatically. I mixed it with yogurt for added oomph. I love that she sends you the masks in dry form, making them
A: easy to store
B: easy to customize by mixing with anything from yogurt, milk, water, green tea- you name it
C: product lasts longer
D: less chance of contamination

Goat's Milk & Oatmeal Bath ~  6 Pouches  The Nourishing Milk Bath made my day! I really needed to soak my poor aching body and a 20 minute soak in this left me feeling good as new (or as close as I'm gonna get, anyway!) As an added bonus, I did an experiment and toweled off after my bath but didn't use a lotion. While I wouldn't say my skin was as soft as if I had, I didn't have that tight skin feel that I usually have without lotion. My skin didn't feel dry or itchy, just clean and refreshed.  Read a detailed description here - the benefits are just way too numerous for me to name!

Her soap savers Soap Saver are awesome, I got one for me and one for my husband, and I tell you what- he is ADDICTED to his. If you knew how resistant my husband is to anything that smacks even slightly of "girly" to him you would be surprised at how this has quickly become his shower necessity. I like mine for bar face soaps because that way I don't waste the slivers, but it's gentle on my skin.

Body Oil, Massage Oil or Bath Oil ~ Enchanted Garden Fragrance The bath/body/massage oil is, ohhhhhh, wait- lemme wipe the drool off my mouth. She does custom scents, and I got ylang ylang and rose. OHHHHHHHH! "It's a refreshing & stimulating blend of jojoba, rice bran, coconut, vitamin e oils" and it really goes on like a dry oil, using it after a bath my skin had no greasy feeling, it absorbed really well and the dryness I'd been experiencing from the use of indoor heating was completely abated. Momma gotta get herself a big ass bottle of this stuff!

The shower gel in a matching rose & ylang ylang scent is the perfect companion, making for a sexy, rich and intoxicating bathing experience.

Coffee & Cream Body Frosting ~ 4oz jar DUDE! I got a sample of the Coffee & Cream Body Frosting in a recent sampler, and I was IN LOVE. It smells AMAZING and is super emollient as well. I kept sniffing myself and it really gave me a good morning butt kick!  The Lavender Mint Body Frosting has a wonderful crisp minty smell and is also superb for waking up your senses (and leaves a gorgeous scent to your skin as well.)

Another "top o' the list" item for me is the Stawberry Toner, another item that I plan on getting a biggie of soon. "Strawberry Facial Toner ~
This strawberry facial toner will leave your skin refreshed and nourished!! A perfect finish to our strawberries and cream facial mask. A blend of H2O, chamomile, strawberry extract, and witch hazel, there's no need to worry about any chemicals!!! Chamomile has long since been known to sooth and calm the skin, strawberries provide vitamins and nutrients, and the witch hazel is a wonderful astringent. " Left my skin feeling refreshed and balanced with no tight feeling that some toners give. 
Strawberry Facial Toner

I got to try 2 different soaps- Lavender Mint and Gentlemen's Delight. The Lavender Mint was very gentle on my skin and left my skin so amazingly soft- absolutely no residue, my skin felt simply incredibly clean. These are also really long lasting, no massive meltdown here! The hubby loved the Gentlemen's Delight soap- a massive big deal! He actually has requested me to get him some more, which is darn near jaw dropping!

Lip Candy ~ Pout Pots ~ Bubblegum   The Lip Candy is another fave of mine. Extremely moisturizing with vitamin E and super yummy as well. Also gives tons of shine, so it's perfect for applying over any particularly drying lipsticks, I've been using mine over a long last lipstick to keep it from making my lips all crackly. I also like putting it on over lipliner to make my own customized lipstick. I'm intrigued by the root beer one.....

Last but MOST CERTAINLY not least- the Butter Cream Snickerdoodle solid lotion. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!! I first got a sample of this in the ZBox Sampler and was BLOWN AWAY. Contains "mango butter, aloe butter,coconut oil, apricot kernal oil, vitamin e, beeswax,and fragrance oil!". This stuff is seriously addictive. This is a limited edition scent, so if you've got a brain in your pretty little head you will dash over and get some before it's gone. It not only makes your skin ridiculously soft, but the smell is amazing. The hubby asked me last night "wow! What's that smell?" Normally I have to practically tackle him and shove my wrist/arm/whatever under his nose to get an opinion, so when he volunteers kudos we have a winner! I am now also crazy about solid lotions because they don't spill, last longer and can go with you on the plane. 
Solid Lotion ~ Limited Edition ~ Buttercream Snickerdoodle

OH! When I filmed the video, I was wearing the Papaya Lime mask, and WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! After rinsing it off, my skin felt so soft that I kept stroking my cheek. I asked The Husband to feel my face and he actually said 'OH! WOW! That's from just a mask? Amazing!" I didn't need one drop of moisturizer and it got everything out of my pores, removed all my dead skin, and made my skin so soft it felt like I'd skinned a baby and put it's hide on my face :-) 

How long have you been making your own bath and beauty products?
2 years
What inspired you to do so?
My daughters sensitive skin,  and nothing seemed to help my dry skin......
Is this a fulltime job for you?
No I have several hobbies (I make jewelry, photography, and Z Box......)  as well as I babysit my brother's 4 girls, plus I'm a STAHM  and raise our daughter.
What else do you enjoy doing?
Cooking, spending time with my family
What are your daily inspirations?
My daughter......she inspires me to push myself to be the best I can I can be the best mommy I can!

What's your favorite of your own products?
The Body's SO smooth and creamy,  the Lavender Seas Mud pulls all the gunk out of my pores,  the beer shampoo really cleans

Sample Bag
So you wanna win your own gift bag from Body & Soul? Enter below!

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Enchanted Craft said...

The products from this shop are the best quality EVER! I adore the solid lotions, lip candy, soaps, and mud masks!

The Beauty Pirate said...

I agree! Last night I soaked in the milk bath while wearing the oatmeal mask and then washed up with the lavender mint soap and followed with the lavender mint body icing. I swear I felt like I'd just spent 30 minutes in a high end salon...

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for the amazing review, video, and letting us do a giveaway! We love making the products and LOVE to make people happy!! Thank you EnchantedCraft for the wonderful comment also!!

Courtney Tucker said...

Of The Box Sampler sent me, thank you for the Giveaway, would love to try your products!

The Beauty Pirate said...

Hi Courtney! Welcome to my madness :) Good luck, Body & Soul's products are RAWKIN!

The Beauty Pirate said...

Hey Courtney- I just saw that you're in Palestine! I live in Dallas now, but I grew up in Fairfield. We used to consider Palestine "the big city" cause there was a K-Mart! I bought my first Duran Duran record there. memories....