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A note from one of my favorite companies ever (and a discount to try out their AWESOME products!)

The REFRESH line is possibly my favorite, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The spray is especially good as an organic Febreeze alternative, as well as being a great room/face/body spray for when you need a quick pick me up. 30% off coupon makes it a no brainer to try them out. I have been a devoted customer of Dropwise for years.
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A Note from Donya

Hello! And welcome to all our new subscribers. I'm finally feeling almost back to normal after an unusually long and persistent bout of some kind of flu bug –-there seems to be a few different strains of it going around these days. I'm not the type of person who can easily sit (or lay as the case may be) idle for very long so coping with this extended illness has been a real challenge for me.
After returning from Tony Robbins' Date with Destiny seminar this past December, I vowed to practice seeing the "gift" in every situation –-looking at the events of my life as things that are happening for me rather than to me. I realized that sometimes if we don't give ourselves the thing we need, the universe finds a way to do it. In this case I've come to appreciate the value of down time and being still (or quiet) for longer stretches of time instead of constantly reacting to, or analyzing everything that is going on (or not going on) around me. To quote a line from a Grateful Dead song "Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right."
My big "aha!" moment came from feeling connected to what's most important –-my health. Everything else flows from there –including creativity. I was able to channel my need for being in motion into something more productive: clearing out clutter (physical and mental)! This allowed some new ideas to drop in. I like to think of it as early spring cleaning, but even more exciting, creating an opening for something new to unfold as we move out of winter into spring.
This week's article continues the inquiry into how to cut back on your sugar intake and find healthier substitutes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Remember to honor your body and spirit by taking care of yourself even when you think you don't need it!
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March 7, 2012
Vol. 5, Issue No. 2

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Feature Article

Sugar Showdown! Finding Healthier Substitutes
for Your Sweet Tooth

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It seems like lately, every time you turn on the television or radio, or pick up a magazine there's a story about sugar and its role in the nation's growing epidemic of diabetes and obesity. You've likely been hearing a new term called Diabesity, which encompasses the intricate relationship between sugar, diabetes, and obesity.
Ever since the American Heart Association's 2009 recommendation to limit our daily consumption of added sugar to between 100 and 150 calories (vs. the 355+ calories that is actually consumed), the link between our overly sugar-laden diets and our ever-expanding waistlines has become painfully clear.

Understanding the potential health consequences of eating too much sugar is one thing, knowing what to do about it is an entirely different story … Looking at sugar consumption as a long-term health imperative rather than a simple weight management issue might give you the motivation you need to tackle it. Start with small manageable steps and work up from there.
First, aim to significantly reduce your consumption of (and eventually eliminate) highly processed sugars like corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup --which can be addicting and wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels. Read full article here.

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