Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jenuine Beauty- Pure Mineral Makeup & Aromatherapy

I have talked about this company before, and this time I tried out a ton of goodies to fill you in on! 

 I'm in love withe the Cream Concealer in Fair. This was the first cream mineral concealer I'd seen, and it blends perfectly with my skin and covers any and all imperfections. It's made with jojoba oil, so it's an anti-inflamatory- perfect for blemish prone skin. I've been using it to cover up the areas of my face that aren't healed up after my accident, and a number of people that see me every day were asking me "wow! How did you get your face fixed up so fast?" No one believed me that it was this concealer because it looks so natural- not at all thick or cakey. I just say I'm Wolverine's little sister ;-)

The Mineral Lip/Blush Duo in Egyptian Sunrise is a lovely dual use color and gives a healthy glow to the cheeks and a natural sexy pout to the lips (I applied it over a clear lip balm). I can never resist a multitasker!

Appetite Synergy in Warm Spice
I like to actually dab a little of this onto my wrists so I can sniff it whenever I get the nibbles. It's such a beautiful spicy scent that it doubles as a fragrance! It works too! (Obviously it's not going to keep you from starving to death, but it does seem to affect those craving sensors.) 
From the website:
"Stop the food craving when it starts with a warm blend of your favorite spices! "Spices" is a earthy blend of 100% pure allspice, coriander, clary sage, vanilla, and black pepper essential oils. Directions: When you are sitting down to eat or when the food craving begins take 3 whiffs in each nostril of the synergy blend, breathe as deeply as you can, partially closing one nostril and enhaling with the other. The most effective weightloss is obtained with 3 different synergy blends, varrying one oil for every few days. Please remember that you must still exercise and keep healthy eating habits for the best results!"

all natural perfume in Jessamine 
Jessemine is a fruity bouquet of rare white florals, with a burst of tropical citrus, that dries down to a soft note of precious heartwoods. Subtle and flirty and without the heaviness of so many synthetic scents, but still a true perfume, not just a heavy essential oil sledgehammer.
From their website:
"Did you know that 90% of all commercial perfumes are dangerously toxic because of unregulated ingredients which are hazardous and used because they are cheap? Our Botanical Perfumes are 100% natural and made from exotic essential oils like Tuberose, Pink Lotus, Ambrette, Rose, Orange Blossom, Labdanum, Oakmoss, Geranium, and Sandalwood-as well as many others:  Combine them with beneficial Organic Jojobba oil-a valuable skin renewing plant oil that is good for your skin- And you get an exotic highly beneficial perfume which is suited to your unique body chemistry and perfect for that night out!"
Rainforest Lipgloss is a light,shimmery gloss that goes on nice and slick- no rubbing crayons on your mouth here!

 Two products that I got to try out that are not yet available commercially (whoo hoo! Prototypes!) were the
Botanical Pressed Mineral Foundation in Blushing Ivory and the Acne And Pain Relieving Serum.

The pressed foundation is the first of it's kind that I've seen in the indie makeup market. So much more convenient for travel or for applying on the run!

The serum has been a lifesaver for my arthritis. I keep the bottle in my purse and rub it into my hands when the joints get all achy. It's truly amazing, and I love that it actually smells nice- no nasty old man Ben Gay smell!

"Finally makeup, skin care, personal care, and perfumes which are toxin free and good for you!
My name is Jennifer Bingham. I have dedicated the last 9 years of my life to making revolutionary beauty products that are toxin free,  and enhance the health and beauty of my clients. To date I have developed over 100 recipes, each one carefully crafted and fully researched and tested.  I use only the finest vegan, organic, and natural ingredients sourced from all over the world: many of which are rare and exotic-each one selected for it's healing properties and natural beauty enhancing abilities. Please, browse my site and enjoy what I have worked so hard to offer to you."

 Jenny is an absolute doll and a really neat lady, so go and check out her site today! 

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