Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ferro Cosmetics- Be Eco Gorgeous!

One of the biggest complaints I hear about mineral veils is that many people don't like the shimmer that accompanies so many of them. For those, Ferro's Matte Veil is the answer to their prayers. I have it in nude, and it truly is a matte. It has excellent staying power and keeps your makeup fresh all day, whether used as a primer beneath your mineral foundation to lessen the apperance of pores, or as a touch up to absorb oil as the day wears on. I love that it doesn't become cakey or look piled on- you simply have fresh, clean looking skin.

While they do not make sunscreen claims (for which you have to go through the FDA) it does contain titanium dioxide, so it does act as a sunsceen.

"Ultra-fine mineral veil in pale beige naturally reflects light and conceals acne, dark spots and under-eye circles for fresh, luminous skin. Tinted with pale beige minerals for a fresh, neutral glow."

 Another Ferro fave is their Winter Kiss Glow Bronzer.A lot of bronzers look downright creepy on me because I'm such a pale kemosabe, but a lil dab of this on the apples of my cheeks and I just look healthy and vibrant. It's the perfect alternative to standard blushers for a natural, yet glowing look. While they talk about it warming up pale winter skin, for someone who's ghostly year round like me, this is the perfect shade. 

"Add warmth to the crispness that is winter with a spectacular peachy-colored mineral bronzer.  Skin kissed in a peachy glow brings warmth during the doldrums of winter."

I've used a lot of mineral foundations, and I have to say that their Ultimate Foundation is one of the best I've ever used (and I mean that to include the big department store brands!) I have it in Fairest Honey, which blends in so perfectly with my skin that it looks totally natural. It's light enough to match my skintone without looking pasty or mask like. What I really adore about it though is that it's so finely spun that it doesn't cake up or need any blending and it doesn't creep into pores or fine lines. 
One of the great things about Ferro is that you can order a foundation starter kit. It includes 3 Ultimate Mineral Foundation and 3 Radiance Foundation Mini’s in your skin tone. Includes makeup brush, application sponge, directions for finding and customizing your right shade, and a $5 Coupon towards your full size purchase. The minis are actually a good size too, so you really can spend some time playing with them and testing them out. 

Now something I really think makes them a cut above so many mineral makeup lines is their Eye Candy. They have tOhem in mattes, pearls, shimmers, and the awesome 3-in-ones! 

Their bestselling shade is the fabulous Dirt, which is one of the 3-in-one shades. It can be used as a shadow, an eyeliner and a brow definer and is easy to take from very soft to intense depending on your level of layering. I love to apply this as a liner, because it doesn't crease or fade and is a magnificent compliment to almost any color of shadow. It's a cool toned deep matte brown, but it has green mica flecks that add an unexpected extra depth. It blends fabulously with almost any highlighting shade, and like their other products, is finely milled for smooth application. 

In their Pearl Eye Candy line, I have Come Hither, which is a lovely pearl shimmer. This is the one for those who want a little extra pizazz above a matte shade but don't want the full on glitter effect. Come Hither is an extremely subtle peachy nude, providing the perfect bit of highlight and blending beautifully with bolder colors. This one is also great for toning down colors that got applied too heavily or for adding shimmer to a matte shade without altering the color itself too drastically. 
Ferro Cosmetics is the brainchild of Krissy Ferro, who is a delightful woman. She helped me to pick out the best shades for my skintone and made great recommendations for me, which I truly appreciate.

About Ferro Cosmetics from Krissy herself:
"An advocate of natural skincare products, I soon became unsatisfied with trendy brands and their mineral counterparts. It was difficult finding mineral makeup that was truly all natural and toxin-free. And when I found products that met those qualifications, I grew discontent with the lack of colors, overly shiny and dull finishes and mediocre results. Thus the seedling of Ferro Cosmetics was planted. Our wide selection offers a little bit of everything for every woman. Besides our continued effort to present you with a dazzling array of colors, we also offer several finishes that best suit your skin type.
A single mother of two rambunctious boys (ages 3 and 6) and business owner, I understand the time-restraints we face as women. Whether you have four or 20 minutes to spare for your daily beauty regimen, Ferro Cosmetics offers all natural, non-toxic mineral makeup and tools to achieve that desired flawless look. After years of research and trial-and-errors, we offer an unrivaled selection for everyone - from the supermom juggling a busy career and children to the ferocious trendsetter who is always experimenting with her look. Mature women enjoy their youthful glow with our age-defying products, while women with darker pigments have wider selection of products that won't leave their skin looking ashy. By matching our customer's exterior to her interior, we can reflect just how fabulous she truly is."

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