Wednesday, September 8, 2010

to join Just Fabulous, who now not only has shoes, but fabulous purses as well. If you don't know about them, they're a membership club where you rate different things for how they appeal to you and then once a month they stock your personal boutique with choices based on your style preferences. If you don't like what you see, you simply answer a few questions and they send you a new batch of choices. You can choose as many items as you wish (or as few- you can always skip that month). They show photos of celebrities wearing each style, have multiple angle photos and a video of someone walking in them so you can see how they move.

A new feature is that you get points for every time you make a purchase, and once you get enough points your choice for that month is free! Sweet!
I had enough points to cash in for an extra selection, so I decided to check out their purses. The one I got was of SUPERB quality, and I'm getting TONS of compliments on it!

The shoes must be pretty darn well made too, since my shoe selection that I was wearing when I had my bike wreck came out totally unscathed :-)

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