Saturday, September 11, 2010

Clean, Moist, and Good To Go

I have fallen in love with Phyto's Phyto 7 Creme de Jour. It's supposedly for dry hair, which I most certainly don't have- but using a dollop of this in my hair after towel drying (shampoo only, no conditioner) my hair feels so soft and shiny and bouncy that I feel like a commercial. On my fine hair it turns it into a sheet of silk and I can't quit petting myself. Methinks they need to reevaluate how they market this stuff! I first started using it in the winter when I was getting flyaways, but I've discovered that it is actually less heavy than a standard conditioner for summer use as well. It's full of plant based extracts that are great for your tresses- calendula (one of my favorite plant extracts for just about EVERYTHING) sage, burdock, willow, soybean, rosemary and althea. It also smoothes out split ends like nobody's business. A teeny bit is all you need, so it will last you FOREVAH. YAY! Happy hair!
Available at Ulta, where right now they have an awesome sale going on!

I was in bed bed sick with a horrible stomach virus for about a week just before I had my smash up, and then I was once more out of commission. Needless to say, despite my best efforts, my skincare routine had gotten a little spotty. This led to ME being a little spotty. No big giant terrifying zits or anything, just some routine blackheads and a few places that were looking a bit suspicious. I decided to nip this in the bud and pulled out SensiClear's Purifying Cleanser. It's a gel, so it rinses off really easily (a bonus with your arm in a sling) and despite being very gentle, my face feels as if all of the day's goo is gone and my skin feels light and refreshed. The Lancome Toner Test (where I swipe a soaked cotton ball with the world's best toner over my face after cleansing) showed that this cleanser didn't miss a thing. The cotton ball was snow white. GOOD JOB! I have a friend who totally jacked up her skin in a blackhead freak out, and I'm going to FORCE her to buy a tube of this stuff to prevent future psychotic episodes :-)
And it's CRAZY cheap too!

Not so crazy cheap is the serum I used afterwards. Borghese Insta Firm Platinum is a face lift in a bottle.
You apply it to the areas that get the "action wrinkles" - laugh lines, around the eyes, and what I call my forehead squiggles from my constant brow furrowing. Don't use it on your entire face, it'd be a waste- just where you're worried about wrinklies. I saw a small difference instantly, but after 4 weeks of use I had actually had a specific wrinkle I was targeting totally disappear! It was freaky! (Yes, I really do do bizarre self inflicted experiments like this. All in the name of science....)
Available at Dermstore, Free Gift with Purchase

Since I have been trying to keep my skin oil free, I'm loving Peter Thomas Roth Oil Free Moisturizer. It's a gel and absorbs really quickly, leaving the skin feeling hydrated without that heavy feeling. Perfect for daytime use, especially in Texas heat and humidity. This is perfect under a mineral foundation, because it doesn't make the powders clot or clump up. I don't feel like I have to wait for it to absorb before I apply my makeup- it sinks right in. If you have extremely dry skin this IS NOT the one for you- this is designed for oily skin or normal/combo skin during the humid months. I don't see myself using this in the winter. I also only use this as a daytime moisturizer, since nighttime is my fight signs of aging with a Glock time. Also available at Dermstore, including FREE shipping. 
I recently used up my eye cream and started using  Dr Dennis Gross MD Skincare Continuous Eye Hydration. I REALLY like it! I saw some reviews on Sephora that made me reluctant to give it a shot, but I can only surmise that they were using it wrong or something (though how you use eye cream wrong, I don't know....) I saw folks saying it pilled up when they put their makeup on over it, but I haven't had a problem- I think they were just being Quick Draw Mcgraw and not letting it absorb properly first. It makes my eyes feel plump and perky (well, the area around my eyes- not my actual eyeballs. That would just be weird.) 

Since I'm going makeup free today, the last thing I put on is pur-Lisse Pur Lip Comfort. I was first introduced to this from Beauty Fix and it's supposedly the lip balm to the stars. It's referred to as a "daily lip nourisher" which is pretty darn accurate. more than a regular balm, this actually penetrates and heals the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Perfect for healing chapped lips, and it contains ingredients that neutralize the free radicals that attack our often sun protection neglected lips. It also makes an awesome lip primer for use under gloss or lipstick! I love a multi-tasker :-)
Also available at Dermstore with their standard free shipping and free presents. 

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