Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lotion Love

Something that I love about sampler boxes is the tons of independent companies I get to find out about that I would probably never have stumbled across on my own. Sometimes I even fall rapturously in love!

Take for instance Stinky D's. Their body lotion is DIVINE. Natural ingredients, highly emollient without being greasy, and quick to absorb. Simply a perfect lotion. I have it in Laid Back Lavender and I love to slather this on before I go to sleep so that the lavender will send me off to pillow island. And it's cheap too! a 2oz bottle is only $3.00! 
Stinky D's is a 2 woman operation in Utah that started out by selling their products at Utah farmer's markets. Before you know it, their concoctions were highly sought after, and it's easy to see why! My only criticism is that they need to update their website with shopping info or a link to their Etsy shop- I had to really hunt to find out how to purchase their products online! I would also like to see that information given on their bottle labels, especially as they're branching out into the cyber marketplace.

Another indie that I love is Gumdropz Luxury Bath Products. I have their solid lotion bar in Creamcake Coco-Cabana. Again, the only complaint I have is that they make themselves very hard to track down. Nowhere on the label does it say the name Gumdropz- I actually thought the company was called Coco-Cabana (the scent name) because it's the only identifying name on the label. Come on guys! Let us know how to buy from you again and send you business! 

Onto the lotion itself......

This HIGHLY concentrated form of lotion is a solid. You run your fingers across it to warm it up and make it easy to use. Solid lotions will last nearly forever- I have been using this one for a few months and there's barely a dent in it. Because it's a solid, these are perfect for keeping in your purse or for travel. Particularly good for rough patches like feet or elbows and great for the cuticles too. I keep mine at work because I wash my hands so frequently, and this keeps my skin soft without having to reapply after every handwashing. I also don't have to worry about it spilling, and in a solid form it confuses my co-workers who leave it alone :-) I wouldn't try to use this for my body as it's so concentrated it seems like it would take forever to use on such a large area, but for the hands and target areas it's c'est magnefique!

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