Friday, September 3, 2010

YAY! I can wear makeup again!

I am soooooo happy to finally be able to start playing with my toys again! While I'm still wearing my eye patch part time and dark tinted glasses to protect my eye sensitivity, I am able to conceal what's left of my facial injuries without looking like a hooker who's been beat up by her pimp!

Today I did stick to mostly mineral makeup, since my skin is still very sensitive, but so far so good!

I pulled out a couple of trusty standbys, i.d. Bare Minerals.

I do wish they made the holes in their sifter tops smaller so they weren't as messy. If you don't do some major brush tapping before application you'll get it EVERYWHERE. And if it gets on your clothes...... arrrghhhh

With my Ferro Dirt Eye Candy (see separate review to follow) I used the bareMinerals Glimmer in Trust, which is a lovely but very deceitful color. In the pot it looks like a shimmery lavender, but when you apply it, it actually has tons of GOLD sparkle! You read that right- lavender to gold. It's incredibly shimmery and applied near the browline really opens up the eyes. I could see this being absolutely stunning on hazel eyes. If you do a wet application, it becomes intense without being garish. It may seem like an odd color twist, but it's a perfect complement to my colors today, as I'm wearing an olive top and pink lips. This ties everything together with a unique twist.

Another one of their products I'm wearing to tie my color scheme together is their blush in Compassion. It's a deep cranberry that would normally be a bit strong for the daytime, but if applied with a light hand along the cheekbones gives excellent definition. I still have one very poofy cheek, so it's creating the illusion that my cheekbones are actually even. You really do have to make sure you tap this one off first though, you don't want to look like you're auditioning to be on Dynasty!

To line my eyes I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On eye pencil in Stash. I needed something that went on with absolutely NO tugging whatsoever and would be gentle to my still sensitive eye area. This liner is so close to perfect that it seems almost blasphemous. (so all is forgiven for the Demattifier situation, UD!) Stash is a gorgeous metallic olive green that stays on ALL day and glides on so smoothly you'd swear it wasn't even touching your skin. Even though it's waterproof, it comes off easy as 123 with cleanser.
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To tie it all together I wanted a cheery pink for my lips and put on N.Y.C. (New York Color) lipstick in Blossom. I originally bought this for camping, since I always buy 3 tubes of cheap lipstick to take with me- one red, one pink, one brown. I had never used this drugstore cheapie before and I LOVED the color so I gave it a shot. I will say it's wonderfully moisturizing, but the color disappears in a heartbeart. My guess is that it's got a lot of mineral oil in it. Awesome color, but I won't be getting this brand again.
Normally I don't work a full shift on fridays, but I'm covering for a co-worker today so I wanted to prepare myself. That's where my Avon Aromatherapy fragrance spray in Peaceful Sandalwood comes in. Once again, a discontinued fragrance, but worth hunting down online and easy to find on Ebay. Their aromatherapy line came in metal spray bottles, so the scent has stayed completely true and is still divine. It's a very creamy sandalwood and true to it's name, a deeply peaceful, contemplative scent. It's yoga in a bottle! 

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