Thursday, September 23, 2010



Tova Eye Cream SUCKS! Shouldn't something that's meant to be used in the eye area be safe to get in your eyes occasionally? I got some in the corner of my eye and thought I'd gone BLIND. My whole eye turned red and no matter how much I tried to flush my eye with water, it burned for a good half hour. NOT a good quality in an eye cream. I threw the rest away. I wouldn't give this stuff away to my worst enemy (well, actually I might get a giggle out of that- I can be vindictive). By the way- the woman who formed this company is Tova BORGNINE. She's married to actor Ernest Borgnine.
 Somehow I get the feeling that her "facelift in a jar" didn't come out of no jar. Unless the jar came bearing scalpels.

Oh, Diana B- why hast thou forsaken me? I have used tons of Diana B products and always been rapturous. I have a Diana B candle that I've never used and just keep it in my daily essentials box so that when I open it up to preen, the lovely smell envelops me. So why does the Black Fig scent make me wanna gag? It smells like grave dirt. I saw one review referring to it as a "Beautiful and mysterious fragrance" and all I can think is that person must be a necrophiliac. The first time I used it, I thought maybe my sense of smell was off that day so I used it again the next evening before bed. The hubby refused to come near me, and because the scent lingered, I actually changed the sheets the next day. Acquired taste?

Noteworthy for Target Sweet Almond Foot Scrub

On the bottle under Directions it says to scrub the rough spots on your feet with a pumice stone until smooth and then scrub feet with the foot scrub. So the point of the "foot scrub" would be to, um.......? A washcloth has more scrubbing power than this. I normally like the Noteworthy stuff, but this stuff is pointless. I'm using the rest of mine as a shower gel. 

Lastly, worst lip balm ever? You know the lip balms they sell at drugstores and big box stores that are licensed products flavored like different candies and such? For example, I have one that's Hershey's Chocolate and one that's Junior Mints flavored. (theoretically, anyway.) A lot of times around Christmas they'll sell them in a plastic candy cane as a set. The first ingredient is ALCOHOL (excellent for keeping your lips hydrated, eh?) followed by petroleum, wax, paraffin, and a bunch of chemically names. It feels like trying to rub a crayon on your mouth. Know how when you eat or drink, usually you'll have a 'lipstick ring' on your mouth from where the lipstick came off? This stuff applies that way. It'll only go on the fleshiest parts of the lips so you feel like you didn't put it on correctly or missed the whole inner lip areas. Bluch. I'd rather suck on a candle.

So enough of my whining already!

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