Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Primed And Ready

Urban Decay, all is forgiven for my not caring for your De-Slick In A Tube. (That's right, you owe me one!) The Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion is divine. I used this before putting on a mineral foundation 9 hours ago, and I have not had to even powder my face once. My pores are visibly smaller, my t-zone is oil free, and my foundation still looks fresh. This goes on clear, so it'll work for all complexions, but I would not recommend those with really dry skin use this one, as it has a mattifying effect that I would think would dry out already dry skin. You also need to be sure you don't use too much of it- a pea sized amount will cover your whole face. 

Before putting on my primer, I used the new RareMinerals Purely Nourishing Facial Moisturizer. I have to admit that the first time I used it, I was completely  thrown off by the smell and wasn't sure I'd care for it too much, but I have to say, it's grown on me (not the smell, thank God!). I still think that all the people who's reviews I've read said it smells great are INSANE.....  While I still find the scent wonky, I finally started to notice the benefits to my skin. It absorbs almost immediately with no film or greasy feeling and leaves your skin feeling moisturized without that heavy feeling. This is a good summertime/humidity time moisturizer- especially for those with oily or combo skin. A lot of times when I wake up, my face seems somewhat oily from my previous night's ministrations, but I've found my t-zone to remain fairly oil free into the morning with this one. 

Their description?
Bare Escentuals patent-pending, 100% pure RareMinerals Complex uses its unique electrolyte delivery system in combination with an exotic Resurrection Plant Extract to deeply nourish and hydrate skin. Clinically proven to optimize your skin¿s ability to absorb and retain moisture for plumper, firmer, brighter and healthier-looking skin. Bare Escentuals RareMinerals clinically proven, 100% pure RareMinerals Complex extracted from rare, virgin soil contains a new generation of active minerals that keeps skin brighter and healthier-looking. It delivers multiple benefits without irritation to help refine pores and reveal more luminous skin. You'll experience extraordinary results in the pursuit of your skin's total health.

 To get my eye shadow to behave today, I used Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Primer. This many hours later, my eyeshadow still looks freshly applied. After my bike accident, I had some damage to my eye that has made my right eye water really badly, and my eye makeup has been wearing off on that eye, but this has kept it in place. I like to dab it on first and then use my finger to spread it over my lid so it doesn't go on too heavy. This is a tinted primer, so it might not work on all complexions. The tint is the perfect shade for me however, and does a great job of covering up a mole on my eyelid that can show through lighter shadows. It also intensifies your shadow colors cutting back on the number of layers needed and provides a perfect blank canvas to play with.
All of these items are available at ULTA Beauty.

So, onto another topic- Carmex- friend or foe? My hubby asked me the other night why I still keep it around when I have all these luxe products about and the only explanation I can think of is that it has some sort of nostalgic value for me, like Noxzema Cream or Bonne Belle. It's like Vicks VapoRub for your mouth. When I use it I feel like a sick person being taken care of by my grandma. Did you know it was invented in the 30's by a guy on his stove top and sold out of the trunk of his car?  It's still owned by the same family, which gives me some small hope for the American Dream. We've all heard the rumours that Carmex is addictive, but according to Snopes.Com, this is nothing more than an urban legend because people get so attached to the "lip rush" from the menthol. So I can continue to comfort myself occasionally with Carmex, but only if I'm not planning on doing any smooching :-) 

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