Thursday, July 1, 2010

Grumpy and Grouchy and Cranky- Oh MY!

So today is the day I go into work at 7:30am as opposed to noon. Thursdays are officially my cranky day! So to make my life easier, when I got up, i put on Dr Brandt's Pores No More Pore Refiner. This stuff is da bomb! It makes my skin look and feel like velvet, and my pores disappear- it literally looks like I don't have pores at all. It's lightly tinted, so I don't even have to use foundation if I choose not to, just a little concealer here and there. It keeps your skin oil free and flawless all day, and a touch of it is all you need.
Using microspheres, flaxseed and other effective ingredients, this mattifying formulation refines the appearance or large pores, leading to a smoother and clearer complexion. It absorbs excess oil to keep shine at bay, making it a wonderful choice for oily and combination skin types. Free of sulfates, synthetic fragrance, synthetic dye, petrochemicals and phthalates.

Fortunately, I'm having some help with my crankies today. I'm sure many gals can sympathize- I'm in the "cry at phone commercials, crampy & whiny" time of the month. Thanks to The Little Black Box Sampler 
I received a full bottle of  organic flower essence aromatherapy perfume oil from Mama Love Perfumery.

"Mama Love products are all natural and handmade using 98-100% organic ingredients: ethically wildcrafted or biodynamically grown flower essences, therapeutic grade mostly steam-distilled essential oils and 100% organic jojoba. Eco-friendly and vegan-friendly, too. (Member of EtsyOrganic Team!)"
Mine is for PMS, Postpartum, and Menopause support. Well, I don't know about postpartum or menopause- but it calms my PMS Monster into, well, at least just a tiny PMS bridge troll. And it smells DIVINE! I like to actually put a tiny dab just under my nose so I can continually inhale the scent. Useful AND lovely!
According to their website:
Ahhhhh, now I don't have to murder anyone :-)

Avon has for the longest time been a leader in affordable makeup basics, and their blush is no exception. Today I put on True Color Blush in cranberry to accentuate my cheekbones that feel as if they've disappeared with water retention. Peekaboo, cheekbones, I see you!
You can either contact an Avon rep or get it directly for $8.00 American HERE

Now just because I'm grumpy doesn't mean my eyes have to be. Making it an Avon day with their blue eye quad with lots of bright, blendable blues to draw attention away from my grumpy puss and up to my bright eyes!
These go on easily, blend well, and it's a versatile palette. If you use a shadow primer, they'll last all day.

Now what looks super groovy with all those blues is another Avon product- their Eyewriter Liquid Eyeliner. Avon Perfect Wear Eyewriter Liquid Eye liner, Evening Black  It's smudgeproof (but close your eyes and give it a few secs to dry first!) You get the sexy sixties liquid line with the precision of a pen. It glides on so easily that even the clumsiest of us can look like Brigitte Bardot.

My eyes have so much going on that the lips just needed something subtle, and Chanel in Magnolia is perfecto. I love that it even has that trademark Chanel rose scent (which is also a good indicator of when your lipstick has turned, cause Chanel lipstick gets STANKY when it's gone bad!)

SO wish me luck in turning my frown upside down!


Sheryl Karas said...

My partner Paul found your blog today. Thank you so much for reviewing Mama Love! What a nice surprise! I appreciate it!

Sheryl Karas

The Beauty Pirate said...

i'm so glad to spread the word about such an awesome product- seriously gals- Mama Love perfumes are amazing! Check 'em out, they have tons of different formulations for just about anything that ails ya.