Saturday, July 10, 2010

June Sassy Sampler

Available at The Sassy Sampler, The following is what I received in my June Box. I really like that there's a lot of variety in what's included, and the reusable satin-like polycanvas bag that it came in was a super bonus! (The bag is used as the background in my scans.) There are 3 sizes available, a mini for $9.99 with 6-8 items, a small for $14.99 with 8-10 items and a large (which is what I have pictured) for $19.99 with around 14 items. 

So who was in MY Sassy Sampler?

I packet of Watkins Immunergy  Daily Immune Support And Energy Boost drink mix.
This physician formulated powder drink mix provides natural immune support plus a caffeine free energy boost using 100% natural ingredients, colors and flavors.Not to mention it tastes great!It's a blend of eight fruit and herb seed powers (900 mg) and a D-Ribose (600 mg) which supports your natural defenses and helps maintain energy levels so you can be your best and feel your best every day!

From Mia Bella's Gourmet Candles & Products is a French Vanilla Mia Melt.VERY strong pure vanilla scent.
Now available in Mia Melts, it's a creamy confection with a strong vanilla scent. 

Gold Canyon   gives us a tealight in Citrus Creme. WOW! This thing has a huge amount of scent dispersal!
Find hope with this fragrant fusion of tangerine and grapefruit accented by gentle hints of berries, plum and vanilla.

From Painted Laydies Mineral Makeup are two mineral makeup samples, Tramp (I love the name!) and Desert Wind. 
Imagine a makeup that offers the coverage of liquid and can keep your skin looking young and radiant, yet so lightweight it feels like you’re wearing nothing.
Painted Laydies is a makeup that not only enhances your natural beauty, but helps to protects your skin while you’re wearing it. This is a mineral makeup that helps prevent and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping to protect from the sun's damaging rays to keep your skin looking young and healthy.
It is designed to make your skin look and feel clean, silky and fresh, not cakey or pasty like some other makeup. It gives you a flawless, beautiful finish every time. It is also very concentrated, so a small amount will last longer than many store brands or traditional items with binders and fillers that dilute the end product.
Mineral Makeup offers the following:
*sun protection
*dose not clog pores
*contains no waxes, dyes, chemical preservatives
*provides a color pallette for any shade of skin and can be mixed to get your perfect shade
*ease of use 

Amethyst Cottage included a charm on a keyring. They do custom plastic charms made to order! Their store also sells all kinds of things related to the realm o' faerie.

Custom plastic charms made to order! The base price is for simple line drawings or modifications made to our existing charms (color, etc.). If you have a digital photo, select the photo option and remember to send me your photo(s)! Just about anything that you own or that is not subject to copyright can be made into a charm.

Some suggestions:

  • Your business logo

  • Pictures of your family

  • Pictures of your crafts/finished objects

  • Your pet(s)

  • Your pet peeve

  • How creative can YOU be?
    has included 2 samples. 1 package of Ultra Vitality Mineral Drink and one of Genesis drink mix- Symmetry's "Dynamic Duo" 
    Genesis and Ultra Vitality Drink provides a unique blend of nourishment and protection with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols, enzymes and other nutrients for the body that can not be found in any other combination of products on the market.
    A cute little handmade stitched ribbon hair clip from Mommy's Sunshine Designs . 
    Enter code SS15 in notes to seller on Etsy for 25% off.
     We have an eoc-friendly, 100% cotton reusable face scrubbie from BKD Signature. Their store has tons of  gorgeous handmade jewelry as well.

    The SCENTsational (har har!) Anam Cara Candles sent a triple scented soy tart in Lemon Pound Cake (which was shaped like a butterfly until I accidentally squished it- oops!)
    Burns cleaner
    Derived from vegetables
    Burns 100% non-toxic and natural
    Cleans up with soap and hot water
    Burns longer - 6 hrs per ounce!
    Burns completely
    Releases fragrances naturally, longer
    SOY supports the American Farmer!
    Emits a black soot
    Derived from petroleum
    Possibly emits harmful vapors
    Difficult to remove from cloth
    Wasted wax left in the jar
    Burns hot and may produce carcinogens
    Must be blended with chemicals
    Paraffin supports the oil industry

    There's a LARGE sample tube of Mark lipstick in Toffee Caramel and a one time use sample of Citrus Bloom fragrance from Shop 323 where you get free shipping at checkout with a purchase of $20.00 or more using code MKFS20

    Also from the Amethyst Cottage Gallery is Paper Rabbit Studio's   
    handmade beaded and felted charm (in my favorite color!) 
    This absolutely charming beaded ribbon bookmark came from Momma Goddess Treasures and is perfect for those delicate books that I want a thin marker for (like the 1918 first edition of Zona Gale's Birth that I'm reading at the moment)
    I had never heard of Italian Charms before, but now I'm smitten! Visit Charms N Things to get super neato little charms to attach to this Italian Charm Keychain! Enter coupon code SAMPLER for FREE shipping. 

    I was blown away by this awesomely cool pendant charm from Bella Linda! It features a vintage illustration of The Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland. 

    And what a neat little Enchanted Sleep Kit from Under The New Moon! It contains everything you need to spell yourself a wonderful night's sleep! Use coupon code PP15 to get 15% off your entire order.

    Lastly, there's a coupon for 1 free coaching session from My Self Empowerment Coach

    Quite a collection, eh?

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