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Blush interviews skincare magnate Suki Kramer

There’s Sookie, True Blood’s telepathic vampire lover, Snooki the Jersey Shore guidette, and then there’s our personal favorite - Suki - Kramer that is, whose gentle line of skincare not only stands out for its efficacy and clinically-proven results, but also because it is 100% synthetic-free, using natural, organic and cruelty-free ingredients, as well as eco-friendly packaging. The Northampton, Mass- based Kramer is one to watch in the beauty world for her whole hearted devotion to understanding how our skin processes everything it absorbs and for making natural products which actually make a difference. A former freelance writer and ezcema sufferer, she'd had it with false promises from countless skincare lines and decided to start the loving, effective brand herself. Since then, Suki hasn't looked back. And just like thousands of her glowing and growing clientele, we couldn't be more grateful.

What led you to start Suki?

I used to be a freelance writer, but my desire to find an entirely new way to formulate cosmetics & skin care products led me to start suki®. As a former eczema sufferer, I wanted to create treatments that truly worked, actually solving complex skincare issues. I’ve always been interested in researching how our bodies process ingredients, from foods to the product absorption. I saw a real void in the market for a line that “actually did something” but was also truly natural – I mean, if I was looking for this, I figured so too, were other people.

My products are active, clinically-proven, results-driven cosmeceuticals…a concept that is sometimes difficult for folks to understand. Most people think you can't have efficacy & purity in one product & that’s simply not the case anymore. The evolution of good scientific formulation is that you SHOULD be able to have a good quality product that includes 100% purity with 100% results. No one should demand less for themselves. Period. After years of collaboration with cosmetic chemists & traditional herbalists, my vision to create innovative safe & effective treatments with cutting-edge scientific actives in natural & organic bases came to life - “Evolutionary Skincare Science.”

What were your first products, and how did you grow your business?

The first products I created were the velvet moisturizing cream, exfoliate foaming cleanser, delicate hydrating oil & butter cream healing salve. What began in my kitchen has grown into what is now the suki® organic innovation lab™. I am still the sole formulator, but we have a complete manufacturing & distribution facility where the suki® products are blended & shipped fresh to ensure the integrity of each formulation.

Since the company's inception & incorporation in 2002, it has doubled in size each year. I expanded the product range, & suki® products are sold globally in over 1,000 doors including spas, boutiques & specialty natural stores including Harvey Nichols, Eva Scrivo & Whole Foods.

To grow the brand, it was also important to me to go beyond “marketing-speak” about what my products do & to provide real evidence to our clients that our products really work. We engaged independent labs to test the efficacy of suki® products. with clinically-proven results, we can quantifiably demonstrate significant improvement to the skin & oh, by the way, we are still 100% synthetic-free.

What have been some of your favorite reactions to suki?

The most rewarding experience of my life in doing this is always the letters I get from clients, especially those who have gone through cancer treatment & have skin problems from the chemicals & medicines. People often say their skin feels horrible & they could previously use nothing on it…til they try my products. As you can imagine, those letters are so inspiring, they keep me going & always have in the darkest moments of self doubt in trying to do this business. I’m of course always thrilled to hear any client say, “your products REALLY work” or “suki® saved my skin.” I am serious about delivering real results through my formulas, always have been, & we are all here, truly devoted to helping our customers feel (& yeah, look) fabulous! We all get direct feedback & that’s so great for everyone’s morale…it’s immediate feedback that what we are doing HELPS people…how great is that?!

What’s YOUR favorite suki product?

That's soooo hard for me to say! I use my exfoliate foaming cleanser for the face daily – & I can't live without my lip repair butter. My renewal bio-resurfacing facial peel & ultimate lift firming face cream are also essentials for me. Their high-performance, naturally-derived resveratrol, time-release vitamin glucosides, polypeptides & tetrapeptides help fight the fine lines & wrinkles & keep my skin looking its best, which I need as you can imagine…& as I mentioned before, I’m a former eczema sufferer – so the butter cream healing salve, a truly unsung hero of my line, is my lifesaver! My new body scrub, exfoliate foaming body cleanser, has been my favorite for awhile & I’m so psyched to finally be able to release it to the public…people have been asking for it for years.

Just like with our favorite fashion designers, we’re thrilled to hear you have new products coming out! Tell us about them!

Yes, we have lots of news! I just introduced my exfoliating foaming body cleanser. Practically all my clients have written at one point or another asking me to create a body version of my #1, award-winning exfoliate foaming FACIAL cleanser, so I created one that smoothes bumps & blemishes, helps stimulate circulation & creates a healthy radiant glow all over.

My new creamy foaming facial cleanser is just beginning to ship. It is a rich, luxurious, antioxidant foam in a non-stripping hydrating organic facial wash formula that preserves skin’s natural moisture balance, fights free radicals, minimizes pore size & restores radiance.

This fall, I’ll be revealing a fantastic new anti-aging eye treatment cream called eye lift cellular renewal cream, a completely absorbable eye treatment with advanced liposome technology to support collagen synthesis, firm, reduce wrinkles, puffiness & help brighten dark circles.

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