Thursday, July 8, 2010

Memories, all alone in the moonlight.......

Tutti Dolci was Bath & Body Works first foray into having their own cosmetics, and while I never tried the rest of the line, I really like the lip gloss I have. The lip gloss is Cinnamon Frosting and has a subtle sweetened cinnamon scent. It comes in a .5oz squeeze tube similar to the Juicy Tubes line. I admit to being a sucker for pretty packaging, and this one doesn't disappoint. It looks quite elegant when you pull it out of your bag with it's silver text on a lace doily design. It's a bit sticky, but it's also very thick which accounts for a lot of that. The stickiness would turn me off but for the staying power (I went about 2 hours before needing to reapply) and the absolutely delightful color effect. Cinnamon Frosting is a super shimmery golden color that from straight on looks like a regular gloss but from different angles has a sparkling prismatic effect. I've seen a lot of people complaining about the roughly $10.00 price tag, but the same effect from a Lancome gloss would cost twice at much.

Now if you ever come across Parthena Eau de Parfum- RUN! Stanky stanky stanky. Unless you WANT to smell like your great grandmother's closet magnified to the nth degree.......

To smell better, I recommend some treasure hunting if you're in the mood. Two discontinued scents that are worth tracking down are all over Ebay for cheap.

Naturistics Naturally Vanilla is a pure vanilla, and thus very sexy. It's been proven that the scent of vanilla is a sexual stimulant for men! It's not too strong, but doesn't fade off into the background, just a very definite but subtle fragrance that lingers lightly and lovingly. It's not a complex scent, just pure vanilla.

 Another one I adore is Avon's Earth Walk. Ohhhhhhhhhh, how I love this perfume.....It smells like walking through damp grass in the early afternoon.

With discontinued fragrances, I do recommend that you only buy them in spray bottles. Bottles with standard caps expose the perfume to air and they can sour, but generally sprays are fine as they are airtight.
Speaking of discontinued fragrances, I came across this company called Scentmatchers that can perfectly recreate a scent for you, and they have an existing database of discontinued perfumes, or you can mail them a sample to reproduce. It's kinda fun to see if you can stump their database- seems I can get myself a brand new bottle of Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth! Whoo hoo!

   I am so sad to see that Sinful Colors Nail Polish no longer has Green Bay Yellow! Not that I'm a big Packers fan or anything, but it's such an awesome polish color! Since it's more of a golden yellow it's not as garish as a pure canary yellow, but it still stands out. I have had this on my toes continuously for the last month. I finally removed it last night with the intention of applying a new color finally. (No, the same pedicure didn't last a month, I just kept redoing it over and over with the same color.) I had a friend ask me what polish I was wearing and we went to see if it was still available as she wanted a bottle. :-( Nope. Then she wanted to use mine to do a mani/pedi and I had to do some serious soul searching. Just how good a friend am I? Do I share my last piece of bread or do I let someone starve that I might live? These are the tough moral dilemmas.   


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