Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Plump & Juicy

We all want our skin to be that way, right? Well here's some stuff I've been trying out lately that will do just that!

I'm a total suckah for Estee Lauder moisturizers, and their Hydra Bright Skin-Tone Perfecting Moisturizer Lotion is no exception. It's for normal to combo skin and it's that perfect mix of not too thick and not too thin. It absorbs extremely quickly but isn't watery, and your skin instantly looks brighter and smoother and feels like velvet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell, too! It's in a pump bottle, so it's easy to get just the right amount and one bottle will last for MONTHS. They do have a cream in a jar as well, but I prefer the lighter lotion, particularly for daytime use.

In the winter my skin gets crazy dry, so I save this one for then, but for those with dry skin this would be a great moisturizer for anytime. Nuxe Paris Creme Fraiche 24HR Moisture Emulsion is incredibly rich and hydrating. It has a light herbal smell, nothing overwhelming. you can practically see your skin plumping up as soon as you apply it, and after using it I feel as if I've given my face a drink.

Decongest your tired skin. NUXE Moisturizing Energizing Emulsion for normal skin is an unprecedented combination of eight Plant Milks and four balancing Essential Oils with a natural, anti-stress fragrance. It is enriched with a formula to draw up essential water, improve its distribution to all layers of the epidermis, and trap it to help replenish the skin.

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 Now if you have skin discolorations, the super awesome Caudalie has their Vinoperfect Night Correcting Cream. Apply this after your correcting serum, and watch your skin tone even out and dark spots fade away. After about a month of use, this actually started lightening my freckles! I've been impressed by Caudalie for years, and they really revolutionized skincare. I remember when I had to actually order their products from France!
This nourishing cream helps to diminish the visible signs of dark spots while renewing skin. Upon waking, your skin is smooth, your pores appear tighter and your complexion is incredibly uniform and radiant.

Discovered in grapevine stalks, the 500 ppm titration of pure Viniferine was stabilized and patented by Caudalie in collaboration with the University of Pharmacy. This exclusive ingredient has exceptional radiance, complexion enhancing and anti-oxidant* actions.

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