Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I really like everything about Avon's Glazewear Lip Gloss. It's not at all sticky, it feels very soothing on the lips, it has a pleasant caramel like scent, it lasts a really long time between applications, and it's CHEAP! They have three different types, Shine, Sparkle and Intense. I don't have one of the shine variations but I have a sparkle in Mocha Latte and it has beautiful iridescence and color. The Intense I have in Sweet Maple, and it has SO much pigment that it's almost like a liquid lipstick rather than a gloss. Both of them have way more tint than a normal lipgloss, so they're perfect for those who like the shine of a gloss but with more oomph in the color department. 

Marc Jacobs Signature Scent Perfume is a feminine delight! Ladylike without being stuffy, girly without being too sweet. I'm in heaven! Even while toiling away at work, my mind is lying in a tumble of gardenias..... It has orchid mid-notes with a sandalwood dry down. Sophisticated and perfect for special occasions. Available at
ULTA Beauty

I have mixed feelings about Stila's Hair Refresher. I have it in Jade Blossom, which smells wonderful. It works really well. I have oily hair that is flat and limp if I don't wash it every day, however I've discovered that by using this stuff, I can skip a day (to make my color last longer or if I'm just in a hurry.) It actually seems to add some body to my hair- today I even got compliments on my hair after using it. So what my problem- practice with it first! They have a special bottle that you squeeze to have it come out in poofs instead of all at once, but if you get over enthusiastic you'll end up looking like you're going gray.

(Kate Moss caused a buzz recently  when she went a little heavy handed with the dry shampoo and looked like she was angling for an AARP membership. Leave it to the fashion world to actually pick this blooper up and turn it into a TREND.)

Stila Cosmetics Hair Refresher - Jade Blossom : An oil-absorbing powder for refreshing the hair.

Description: This unique formulation is designed to refresh and renew tired tresses. Soft powder mattifies by absorbing excess oil, thereby recreating a clean look and feel. Hair Refresher settles near the roots of the hair in order to add volume and restore a healthy appearance without weighing hair down. A soft aroma created with cool green tea notes leaves the hair smelling fresh and clean. 
Available at Dermstore

DermStore Deal of the Week

Also available at Dermstore is

Diana B. Body Lotion - Peach Frangipani: A pampering body lotion that nurtures the skin and pleases the senses.

Description: This sweetly refreshing body lotion by Diana B. delivers the floral, fruity fragrance of white peach, Indian fragpinani flowers and pink pepper with lightweight emollients to nourish your skin for optimal health. Aloe vera, sugar cane syrup, seaweed, marine oils, and vitamins E and A moisturize, detoxify, soothe and protect, leaving skin silky, smooth and glowing. 
 HOLY MACARONI  do I love this lotion! It's floral but not too cloying or sweet thanks to the pink pepper -and the peach is a really luscious, ripe juicy peach scent. It absorbs quickly without being watery and is perfect for those days when you don't want/need a really thick heavy lotion. It blends quite well with most perfumes too, so you don't have to sacrifice wearing your favorite scent over it. This is a BODY lotion though, it's not going to penetrate through mudflap thick foot callouses or anything. 

Well, it can't all be sunshine and teddy bears. I wasted my money on CK One deodorant. I'm always looking to try out new scents for the pits, but this one really is the pits. I like the scent of the perfume/cologne itself, but the deodorant 
1. smells entirely too masculine, not unisex like the cologne
2. it's that gross clear stick that feels all slimy
3. it doesn't even work! I smell better using nothing at all!

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