Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lorac Blowout at 80% off at Haute Look!!

Haute Look  is opening a Lorac Cosmestics sale on 7/8/2010 with stuff that's normally $40.00 for $9.00 and such, but it'll go really quickly. Their lipstick is some of the bestest lipstick ever, in my opinion.

They also have a number of other sales starting today as well. 

Just an FYI- I officially love these guys now. I am ASTOUNDED by their level of customer service. I ordered a Kidorable umbrella because I use them as parasols when I'm outside (heliophobe, you know) and the one I ordered had less in stock than they thought so they couldn't ship it. They gave me a TWENTY DOLLAR credit "for my inconvenience". WOW. 

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