Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ahhhhhhh blisssssss...... Keomi Handmade Organic Soaps aka: yoga in a bar

When I was sent these, I thought I wouldn't be able to keep from inhaling the scent with my face in the bag, breathing in, breathing in. Um, still kinda doin' it. Wow. These smell absolutely amazing, and there's no artificial fragrances; this is the real deal. Pure oils, pure ingredients, pure everything.

 *  Organic & Vegan 
*  No Animal Testing 
 No Colorants 
*  No Preservatives 
*  Sulphate Free
*  No Petroleum Byproducts

*  Nut Free
*  No GMO

*  Made in USA   

Everything comes from nature! All of the natural oils infused in each bar leave your skin so soft, I honestly don't even need lotion afterwards. I have very sensitive skin and this is so soothing and calming. Where were these when i was covered in mosquito bites all summer? 

I love handmade stuff, but I also love how professionally these are packaged. I would expect to find these in Whole Foods or Central Market, quite honestly. I've got Sea Breeze, which is scented with lavender, oak moss and fir. Golden Crown infused with calendula flowers and oils of orange, fir and frankincense. Green Tea Goddess with organic green tea, nettle, shavegrass, comfrey root and oils of clary sage, orange and clove. And the oh so Luscious Lavender with a blend of three lavenders. 

The scent clings oh so subtly to your skin, allowing you to reap the aromatherapy benefits but it doesn't hit you over the head. The abundance of oils, the obvious care, the natural healing properties..... I can't recommend these enough. 

I think the sampler is a great place to start so you can try a number of blends to find your favorite (or in my case, that would be all of them). The sampler makes a great gift too, all pretty in it's lil bag! 

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