Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eye Pillow Vacation - ahhhhhh

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#review Even though I did get this at a discount, I would totally pay full price for it- I'm in love! It's so soothing and relaxing! I got it in black satin and the satin feels especially marvelous when it's cool. Headaches are banished and the way the flax filling hugs every contour of your face feels especially fantastic on achy tired eyes. My allergies have been awful lately and this soothes puffy allergy eyes. You can heat it in the microwave, but I've been keeping it in the freezer because I love the way it feels when cold. It really blocks out all light too, which will be a real boon when my next migraine hits. Added bonus, it feels equally wonderful on a sore neck, I was using it for that just a while earlier this evening. This one is unscented so it's great for people sensitive to scent or with allergies, though I wouldn't mind having the lavender one as well. Keep one in the freezer and one out to heat up depending on my mood and current need. It provides just enough weight and pressure to provide something like an accupressure effect without feeling uncomfortably constricting. Sigh, where has this been all of my life? A totally worthwhile addition to my stress reduction arsenal.

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