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Grill Master BBQ Grilling and plain old cooking gloves Giveaway! $35 VALUE

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First of all, watch the short video and you'll see for yourself how awesome these are!
That was a 400 degree piece of cast iron, and I swear I could not feel a thing (though as you can also see, it was apparently quite hot!)
I had some big giant silicone gloves that came with my rotisserie that I used for everything until they just fell apart and I was relegated to the not so wonderful world of plain old oven gloves. I realized that you can only hold something hot with those things for approximately 10 seconds before the heat comes through and you drop a roast on the floor to the delight of the dogs. These withstand amazing heat and even FLAME!
Unlike regular silicone gloves, these are flexible so you can actually bend your fingers and hold onto stuff. Grilling, cooking, campfires.....  These are my new best friends and now you can have some too!
Oven Hot Mitts Best Grilling Glove Better Than Oven Mitts - Heat Protection to 932°F -Includes Free Recipe EBook - Ideal For Weber BBQ Mitt or Smoking Gloves or Baking Grilling Microwave Campsite Fireplace Gloves - EN407 Certified - Top Quality Pair by Grill Master Gloves - Light Weight Flexible - Silicone Striped for Top Grip - Satisfaction Guaranteed - Commercial Grade for Home or Gift

★ The outer layer of the glove does not catch on fire, it also does not melt when exposed to an open flame, no need for any other gadgets to keep your hands protected 
★They are perfect For Cooking / Baking / Barbecue / Grilling / Oven / Microwave / Fireplace / Camping and More 
★Silicone strips on the palm & back of glove are anti slip allowing safer use 
★ Ambidextrous right handed & left handed 
★The outer layer of glove does not catch fire & does not melt when exposed to an open flame 
★ Lightweight design allows your hands & fingers to move naturally while cooking or grilling, so you can use the glove safely and comfortably

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