Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spiralizing! I had to finally give in :-) Testing out the Good Ol' Retseliney Premium Spiralizer

Everywhere I turn lately, I keep seeing raves about spiralized food so finally I broke down and had to see what all the fuss about.... I was NOT disappointed! It can be hard to get all your veggies in in a creative way, I get lazy and just heat up plain old frozen veggies withe same seasonings over and over because I'm too pooped when I get home to get fancy. I also have an unfortunate pasta addiction, again because of it's convenience and quick cooking nature. Well this thing is fast, easy and a snap! I was thrilled by the results and this is going to be a massive staple in our house. It's even fun! I was amazed at how quickly we were able to turn out a delicious inventive meal in no time. I love that it comes with a brush that makes cleanup a breeze. My only (tiny) complaint is that there can be chunks left over that just get too difficult to to finish spiralizing. Easy solution has been to take the leftover bits and bobs and put them in a ziploc to use later in soups, etc. For the price point it can't be beat.

Spiralizin'!!! It's the world's biggest pencil :-) 

Sweet Potato Noodles with Quinoa, Roasted Oniion and Tahini Maple dressing

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