Sunday, March 22, 2015

Real Men Wear Camo!!!!

I'm going to be pulling out my inner Frank (from 30 Rock) and customize this bad boy! It's really well made and sturdy. It's lined to wick away sweat and moisture from the head which makes it perfect for what I've been using it for- holding back all my hair when I wash my face! Maybe I've just been watching too many Jersey Shore reruns lately, but I actually think it's pretty cute on my lil chick head :-)
I do think it's cool that they offer a lifetime replacement, in their own words:

Seller Warranty Description
LIFETIME WARRANTY - What Does This Mean? Well, In A Nut Shell, When Your Worn Out Camo Trucker Hat Has Had It's Last Day & Becomes Road Kill, Simply Send It Back and Well Send You A New One Absolutely FREE.

They really need a copy editor for their products though, cause the typos are glaring albeit unintentionally hysterical. Here's the actual title as it appears on Amazon

Camo Hunters Hat, #1 Hunting Gifts For Men! Best For Duck & Deer Hunting, Trout & Salmon Fishing, Camping or Simply Becasue You're A Real Man!

Hee hee! So of course I had to use the manliest man I could find to model it for me. 

A photo posted by Julie Ann Keene-Roppolo (@thebeautypirate) on

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A photo posted by Julie Ann Keene-Roppolo (@thebeautypirate) on

A photo posted by Julie Ann Keene-Roppolo (@thebeautypirate) on

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