Monday, March 30, 2015

Vetro iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This thing is incredibly well made. I'm pretty sure you could hit it with a hammer and it would survive! It gives full screen visibility, unlike the one previously on my mister's phone. I found this incredibly helpful when posting to photo pages and trying to do photo editing, I could actually access the full screen with no missed edged. It's super thin, you can't even tell you have a screen protector on, which also makes your screen still incredibly touch sensitive. Random bonus here? It's actually packaged well and looks professional, not just thrown in a plastic bag like some of these I've gotten before. This is buy in store quality presentation, not I ordered this from a shady online dealer or got at a generic dollar store from behind the counter :-)

Thinnest available! Incredibly slim 0.2mm design lets you feel your phone as it was intended! No added bulk.

Extremely easy installation - Guaranteed no bubbles, everything needed for a smooth installation is included.

Stunningly clear pure glass. Crystal clear glass has much better visibility than plastic. You'll forget it's there! Zero hinderance to your phone's beautiful display.

Our design covers the full size of the LCD screen. No more exposed edges of the LCD due to the curved screen edges.

Protect your phone from scratches and damage, without ruining the feel! Experience your phone as it was designed.

*I did receive this item to review, per FTC guidelines
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