Friday, January 13, 2012

Sampler Village Yummylicious Treats

Hugs & Kisses Sampler Boxes Available 9am Saturday, January 21st

Sampler Village has started offering not only their fabulous sampler boxes in two sizes, but now you can get a Yummylicious box option as well! This box is for those of you who live to try out all the handmade yummies out there! Because the only things in the box are edible, you don't have to worry about heavily scented products corrupting the flavor of your goodies, too. ( That's my one wish is that when people contribute edibles to a sampler that they would seal them up to keep the flavor fresh. I have a Seal A Meal, and those are perfect for this purpose- I mailed a gift to a friend that included both soy melts AND fresh cookies and the cookies arrived completely unadulterated, and I was told they tasted oven fresh!) So what can you expect in a Yummylicious box? Here's a listing of the contributors to one of the boxes......(PLEASE NOTE- these are previous contributors just to give you an idea of the quality to expect, not necessarily what would be in the current box.)

Designer Label Gal cupcake topper

LolliDreams cake truffles

Estell Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels

The Sweet Shop Cookie Company iced sugar cookie

Sweet 'n Treats edible cupcake topper

The Caramel Jar Fleur de Sel caramels

Southern Cheese Straw Company classic sharp cheddar cheese straws

Southern Girl Bakery sugar cookie bites, cake bites, whoopie pies

Zanitea Peace & Quiet organic herbal tea blend

Flour On Her Nose meringue cookies

Bake Me Pretty marshmallow Peep

Say It So Sweetly  chocolate chip cookie dough brownie

Candy Lane Creations mini marshmallows in Banana Berry Cream (no picture available, but these were YUMMMMMMYYYYY!)

The Honey Company pure raw honey pouch

Tracy's General Store peanut butter and grape rock candy

Amys Sweet Dream lollipop

Artsy Alcie Carrot Cake Pop

Cooper's Fancies  chocolate cake balls

Heather's Teas Mammary Magic chai tea

Pernilla's Something Swedish 

Sugar Lips Bakery chocolate chip cupcookies

Sugar Co. sparkly fondant cupcake topper

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