Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nine Hits And A Miss

Sephora Lash Curler and Comb Duo
Okay, I owned this for like a year before I realized it had the retractable eyelash and brow comb. I'm freakin' BRILLIANT. It's great for keeping in your purse or for travel cause it's small and sturdy. The way it's designed is great for those with arthritis because it's spring powered and very ergonomic. I keep mine in my makeup bag at work. It's no Tweezerman or anything, but it's five bucks- not too shabby! I read some reviews on the Sephora site from people saying theirs broke, but like I said, I've had mine a long time and it's still going strong. I hate to cast aspersions, but maybe they weren't using it right or something? Works best on smaller eye shapes.

Ulta Super Shiny Gloss in Bellini is another cheap deal. It runs a mere $3.99 and is a super smooth neutral gloss. You can wear it over a color or stain, but I like to wear it alone for a natural amplified look. Really shiny and it feels great. Right now, Ulta has a Buy 2 Get 2 Free deal! Special Offers: Sale Items, Clearance and Free Gifts at ULTA
Super Shiny Lip Gloss
Super Shiny Lip Gloss
Super Shiny Lip Gloss by ULTA has a high shine, sheer color lip gloss formula.

bliss Peeling Groovy Facial Serum works WONDERS. It is mega super concentrated, you literally only need a few drops. It sinks right in and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky. You do need to follow with a moisturizer. It's called "microdermabrasion in a bottle" and if you use it daily you'll soon see why. It evens out skin tone, softens skin, and lessens pores and fine lines. I noticed immediate results with one use, but once you get to the end of the bottle you'll be amazed. If I didn't have to move on to my next serum experiment I'd be buying my next bottle right now, but the Pirate must be off to discover new treasures....

 bliss Fabulous Face Lotion SPF 15 has replaced An Ounce Of Prevention AM with what appears to be gentler ingredients. It works on all skin types and is a great lightweight moisturizer. I've found that most moisturizers with SPF are heavy and smell weird, so I like that this is not only unscented, but also extremely sheer and absorbs easily. Not the highest SPF out there, but definitely better than none at all. It isn't greasy, so your makeup goes on well over it. 

Doll Face scored a 2 out of 3 with me. The miss? Yeah, it's a Doll Face product. My hopes were high. First off, I'm a SUCKAH for cute packaging, which they have in spades. All natural, biodegradeable and sulfate free? Check. Calling their products "beauty cocktails"? Check.  First I used the Hoopla Enzyme Facial Wash. FABULOUS. It gets your skin really clean and busts all the goo out of your pores without anything to upset your skin's PH balance. Non soap ingredients so you don't dry out your skin. Love it!

So we were off to a good start. Next was the Shanghai Conditioning Toner with cucumber and ylang ylang. Gentle, soothing, excellent for sensitive skin. Ahhhhhh. 
So at this point, I was thrilled with my new regimen- then BOOM! I hit a brick wall. Perpetual Moisture Cream. IT BURNS!!!!! I thought maybe I was having a weird sensitive skin day so I kept using it. AND IT BURNED EVERY TIME!!!! I gave myself a week thinking I maybe just needed to get used to it, but I finally gave up. It went into the trash. Oh well, aren't you glad I do these things to myself so you don't have to?

Raw Skincare Ambiaty Daily Revitalizing Cream renewed my hope for moisturizing. Even though it's touted as a day cream, I tend to use it at night since it doesn't have SPF. When I use it during the day though, it makes my skin so smooth and perfect that I don't even need to use makeup primer! It smells WONDEFUL. Completely natural ingredients, no synthetic anything. The best way to describe this is intense. I can't believe that something that feels so nourishing could be so light and absorb so quickly! Your skin seriously feels like a baby's heinie after using this. Even on hardcore rosacea days, this calms my skin and reduces redness. I used this when I had a really bad butterfly rash going on that made me want to claw my skin off, and this made my skin feel as if it had just been kissed by angel wings. Seriously BAD ASS stuff!!!! Cannot recommend it highly enough!
Raw Skincare Ambiaty Daily Revitalizing Cream (1 oz.)
Raw Skincare Ambiaty Daily Revitalizing Cream (1 oz.)
This nourishing day cream is designed to moisturize and protect while diminishing visible signs of aging. It smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evens the skin's tone, brightens lackluster skin and clarifies for a healthy-looking finish. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, thereby preventing premature skin aging and other forms of damage. Botanicals nourish and condition, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Ambiaty Daily Revitalizing Cream is hypoallergenic and free of chemical dyes, preservatives and fragrances.

Michael Kors Very Hollywood is so sexy I want to make out with myself. The main tones are mandarin, gardenia and vetiver, so while it has floral tones, it's still crisp and grounded. It does start out more floral, but since it's gardenia it's not cloying like a lot of floral scents are on me. You'll get used to the scent pretty quickly, but don't freak out and douse more on, trust me, others can smell you. I wore this a few days ago and was stopped by a total stranger who wanted to know what perfume I was wearing. I put it on in the morning, and that evening my husband could still smell it. The husband rating? Well, it got me tackled by the pantry and I had to beg to be allowed to finish dinner ;-) Of course he's a dude, which means he's a horndog, but he did say it was the perfume working!

Ole Henrikson Truth To Go Wipes
Korres pomegranate wipes are still my absolute fave wipes, but these run a close second. They get every last bit of gunk, they smell divine, and the cloth is thick and substantial. They even get off stubborn eye makeup! Your skin feels clean and soft with no nasty residue. I like that they have a real lid on them so they don't dry out- why can't they all have this packaging? 


Avy's Mom said...

I love Very Hollywood! Got a sample of it from Sephora a few weeks ago. Now, I just need to convince my hubby to get it for me for our 2 yr anniversary or V-Day...

The Beauty Pirate said...

I've found that there's no such thing as subtly hinting to my mister, I just have to beat him over the head with it :D