Thursday, January 19, 2012

I HEART Julep - Coupon code for FIRST MONTH ONLY 5 BUCKS! (updated with video)

Blow me down! Seems like new concepts in the cyber club market are popping up all the time, and I love seeing how creative each niche can be. Well Julep takes the cake as far as innovation. They are a monthly program focused on nothing but your sweet rocking mani/pedi! As with other monthly beauty programs, you fill out a questionnaire that determines your basic style. I turned out to be an "It Girl". Then each month after that, you'll receive a package customized to your style. As a bonus, if you've got a girlfriend with an upcoming birthday or such, you can send your month's shipment to someone else as a a gift! Julep is a series of boutiques in the Seattle area, and their all natural products are free of such nasties as formaldehyde, toluene, and parabens, too! 

In my first shipment I received 3 polishes, a base coat/nail strengthener, as well as 2 lotion sample packettes. Well, my dears, the polishes are amazing. Rich, deep colors with excellent coverage, super smooth application and minimal drying time. Absolutely superb. Right now you can join and get your first month for only five dollars!!!!!!!!
Use the code FIRST5

Just did the math and my box value is FIFTY EIGHT DOLLARS!!!!!
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They also donate $1 for every bottle of polish sold to a program called Powered By Girlfriends, which assists groups that provide support to various women's causes.

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Julep Nail Therapy

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