Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yay! Everything Made Me Happy Today!

I have had mixed reactions to Tarte cosmetics, but their emphasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil is AOK in my book. It goes on smoothly without pulling or skipping but doesn't turn into raccoon eyes the first 10 minutes like Elizabeth Arden eye pencils. Mom, if you're reading this- give it a try and you won't be having to fix your eyeliner all day just to have a creamy application! It makes a perfect line, and with an undereye primer, doesn't get all crackly looking in my fine undereye lines.

Product Description

This super-slim black pencil is a must when trying to achieve a sexy smokey eye. The result? That smoldering look that you see in all the magazines but aren't sure how to create - this is the finishing touch.
skinvigorating™ ingredients:
palm oil: imparts silkiness to the skin
vitamins A & E: antioxidants that fight free radical damage
aloe leaf extract: known for soothing, healing and antiseptic properties
mineral pigments: known for soothing and softening properties
also contains: cyclopentasiloxane & silica
other skinvigorating™ benefits:
mineral oil free
phthalate free
dermatologist tested 

 I tried Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Primer in No.1 Airbrushed, and so far so good. It goes on with an applicator that looks similar to a lipgloss applicator, making it really easy to apply. It's lightly tinted, so it covers up my weird red mole on my eyelid, and it seems to be keeping me crease free like a champ. After a 10 hour workday, even Lancome shadows will start to show at least a tiny bit of wear, but my eyes look as fresh as they did this morning!

Product Description

Stay true to your POP colour with this eye shade base.
Works like a magnet by holding your shadow in place. It creates a perfect airbrushed canvas, no fading, creasing or rubbing off. 
Primes & conceals
Super long-lasting
Intensifies colours
Perfect for oily lids
Diffuses fine lines
Airbrushed finish
Anti-crease formula
Soothing Chamomile
Treats with Vitamin E
Made in Germany

Well, I suppose it's actually cheating if you use something you know you love anyway. Yep, that's right, I wore Lancome eyeshadows.......

I am so happy with the way these colors work together! I'm wearing the Color Design Sensational Effects eyeshadows in
Creme Lustre (shimmer)
is almost pearly, and makes a beautiful highlighter right there at the inner corner of the eye.  I also put a little at the bottom corner as well, and it makes my eyes look bright and clear and really POP!

Model (metallic)
 is an intense crazy copper metallic that I used on the outer corner of my eye and swooped up to my brow bone.

Strut (Intense)
 is a deep pearly forest green that really sets off green or hazel eyes. I used this directly on the top of my lid and even that tiny bit gives a super intense look.
Chic (matte)
is a matte tan that goes on much lighter than it looks in the pan.  It's perfect for putting in the middle of the lid to blend all of this wackiness together!

I love this pallette, because you can up the ante on one color or the other to create totally different effects. If you're looking for this specific pallette, they're really easy to find on Ebay by searching for the specific colors listed, and I've seen them on there for in the $10 range, believe it or not! Highly recommended.

Why oh why did they discontinue the Naturistics colognes? These were so awesome! I wore these CONSTANTLY for years, and one of my absolute favorites was the Sea Splash. You can still find these on Ebay occasionally, but if you're feeling adventurous and want to try one, I'd recommend getting the spray if possible, since sprays are airtight and less likely to turn. So today, let's pour one for my homie (aka: the tiny bit of Sea Splash I found still clinging to the inside of it's bottle, because I was always too paranoid to use the last of it  because then I wouldn't have any more...... Such is my logic!)  I finally bit the bullet and decided to use my last little bit, and I'm instantly transported back to Lollapalooza and drinking free coffee refills at Denny's. This is still hands down one of the most perfect ocean scents ever. Very fresh and clean and not too sickly sweet. It really makes me feel like I'm running in the surf at sunset with a Mai Tai in my hand. Sigh......

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