Thursday, June 17, 2010

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BannerAs a 20-year makeup artist veteran, Tricia Sawyer, knows a thing or two about making a woman look luminous and flawless in front of the camera and off. She’s worked with some of the biggest-named beauties: Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsdale and Sharon Stone. Sharon, in particular, has enlisted Tricia as her go-to personal makeup artist for over 20 years. Clearly, she’s an enduring professional whom stars trust to keep looking like a million bucks, so why shouldn’t you? Here are a few of our favorite tricks from up Tricia’s sleeve.
Dab this marshmallow-y miracle cream onto your tired eyes and illuminate your sleep deprived peepers. This favored product bestows you with a refreshed look when you stayed up too late. Use whenever, wherever, even on the bridge of your nose or the arch of your brow. A must have for any woman with not enough hours in her day. (Read: all of us).
Tricia Sawyer Beauty EyeSlept Under Eye Brightener, $21

We can’t get enough of this cooling, water-based primer, it’s like a million crushed cold cucumbers were personally applied to our tired faces. It works to soothe skin and prepare it as a clean canvas for makeup. Its aloe leaf soothes your fine lines, and the silicone smoothes out your skin like porcelain.
Tricia Sawyer Skin Balancing Water Primer, $22

This luminous loose powder comes with an easy-to-use built-in applicator. Look radiant for your kissing scene with this brilliant, sun-speckled loose powder that gives you a starry, spectacular glow. Simply press the puff applicator where you’d like to shimmer. Go crazy!
Starlets - Skinny(Heather) by Tricia Sawyer Beauty, $22

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